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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I can’t get over how awful all of Garcelles confessional looks have been dddd. Not her coming as a magician and a pirate.
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  2. I think Brandi kind of blames LVP for being responsable of all her wrong doings and subsequent fall from grace, but at the same time LVP did threw a lot of shade towards Adrienne and did back up Brandi a lot and I would not be surprised in the slightest if she "suggested" and set up Brandi to air Adrienne's dirty laundry, I mean, the fact Brandi all of a sudden talked about pregnancy in Ojaj and asked Adrienne about it was shady as hell, and then at SUR LVP instigated Brandi to talk about Adrienne which made the whole thing blow up.

    It was nice to see Brandi throw LVP under the bus the season 4 (also it's fascinating that Yolanda that I feel kind of manipulated Brandi to turn on Lisa came on season 5, unlike Brandi, pretty much unscathed).
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  3. Have we talked about how Kyle's outfit at Sutton's Paris-inspired lunch is a crime against fashion and people with eyes?

    The hat.

    The pola dot outfit from Dress Barn.

    The ugly-ass shoes.
  4. On the subject of Brandi turning in LVP, I think that was the dumbest thing she could’ve done. LVP was loyal as hell to her and defended even the stupidest things she said. Without LVP on her side she lacked strong allies and made it easy to write her off.
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  5. I can’t stop thinking about how brilliant she would be as Danielle in a biopic.
  6. Okay I know we have been stanning Garcelle but her genuinely unfiltered and completely brutal delivery week after week is truly something. Sutton, Kathy, Garcelle, Crystal and (sorry girls) Kyle turned in another great episode. I fast forwarded through Rinna's scenes. Dorit and Erika remain useless this year.

    And that Crystal confessional look with the black top really does gag me every time, I think she may be the most gorgeous housewife across any franchise.
  7. I'm worried that Crystal may actually be very boring but it's hard to tell with Rinna's tired blowjob jokes and Kyle having the personality of packing peanuts. I am enjoying Crystal so far but Sutton's doing a lot of the work.

    Garcelle is a treasure and that scene right before Erika walked in was hilarious.
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  8. Babe - this is not even the worst she’s looked! Ddd


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  9. But in order to keep that friendship, Brandi had to be completely subservient and take responsibility for Lisa's manipulations i.e. the magazine in her suitcase. A lot of the older episodes really show Lisa in a different manner if you take what we know about her now. Cedric, for instance, is probably not the villain she made out. I assume he was discarded too.
  10. I am watching season 4 right now and it is very hard to sit through all of it as Brandi at this point is basically unbearable. Her acting half a season as if she didn't know Joyce's name was just beyond annoying. Girl, get yourself some manners. Also she did act like a bully in Palm Springs and yes she was most definetely racist towards Joyce and the other women standing by her was pretty disgusting.
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  11. Brandi was a mess on season 4, and the way that LVP and Yolanda pretty much enabled her behaviour was quite transparent (and Kyle of all people being the only one disgusted about Brandi's racist remark...) , I did like how Joyce did stand up for herself and pretty much made Brandi run away from SUR.

    I still can't believe Brandi even doubled down on season 5, I think had she played it more lowkey, she would have stayed for more seasons.
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  12. Season 4 is pretty awful but we did have Queen Carlton with her mansion straight out of my Gothic Sims Fever Dream and also cursing Kyle on the regular so that was fun.

  13. This scene is my favourite one of RHOBH, right after the Amsterdam Dinner From Hell
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  14. Are we forgetting that LVP kept shoving Eddie’s mistress in her face and then used Brandi to sit down with Scheana twice to launch VPR? LVP used Brandi to fight her battles and for press and in return gave her “friendship” and then dumped her the second Brandi started to question LVP’s motives with her.

    As it relates to Season 5, production used her. She went in with only one friend, one she was constantly accused of enabling, etc. She had Yolanda but she was sick and not on her game to get anywhere. She also famously said she had two of the producers in her ear every shoot telling her she needed to “make moments” because no one was giving anything. It was a bad look but I don’t think she would have made in roads with anyone on that cast had she been different. Everyone was devoted to LVP and Kyle.
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  15. LVP using Scheana and Brandi's situation to promote VPRules was truly shitty
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  16. I don’t know if I’m just not into lé fashóns but that Hermès bag of Crystal’s is absolutely hideous. How the hell is it worth almost a third of my house! Why?!?!
  17. Well the bag does look like a tiny functioning house hahaha.
  18. I never understand the LVP being manipulative argument. Not that she isn’t manipulative, but that these grown ass women don’t have minds of their own to do their own thing.

    Rinna being the absolute worst for it.
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  19. I'm obsessed with this dumb drama between Crystal and Sutton. Crystal is bizzaro. That look of disdain to her 5 year old sent.
  20. I can tell Crystal definitely has something sinister or something something boiling underneath.
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