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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I'm not really "I wanna eat coq co vin at 12 o'clock in the afternoon." *sideyes* I think that most Parisians would be eating poisson right now. *guffaws*

    We stan a child of the world!!
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  2. Didn’t she say croissant? Dddddd
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. LVP is just extremely smart. She knows how to make TV, she knows how to toy with people, and she knows how to still look good even when the cracks are showing. It's almost admirable how she knew when to leave the show before the curtain fell and showed too much.

    Kyle comparing her to Bobby Fischer is one of the few brightest things she's said on the show, even Tom Girardi said so. She's just extremely charismatic and, in a way, powerful, one of those type-A people that everyone's attracted to and want to be in their good graces. The RHOBH women generally are too worried to come across badly, so they knew not to cross her that much.

    Brandi was too volatile and self-imploded, Kyle's extremely protected by Bravo and knows she's the Susan Mayer of the franchise so she felt safe standing up against her, and Child of the World went quiet really quick after the whole Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy thing. I still stand by Yolanda being the only one who could go head to head against her, had it not been for the Mohamed factor existing between the two of them, and the dirt they must had on each other. The only one besides her that I think could challenge LVP at this point is Garcelle.
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  5. Honestly in hindsight season 4 was literally Yolanda and LVP playing chess against each other, in my opinion, I don't like both of them, but their feud was so fascinating
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  6. The simmering Yolanda & LVP tension in S4 was very interesting to watch unfold. I feel like had Yolanda not began getting sick in S5 we would have been in for a fantastic housewives feud that season.
  7. With that fight on the plane, nothing aggravates me more than being cut off or interrupted, just ask my boyfriend. So, I’m totally on Dorit’s side over Vyle. I’d of clocked Vyle on her new nose if I were Dorit.
  8. Kyle is generally useless as a cast member, but I do appreciate her ability to quickly make Dorit snap back to her reign of terror mean girl days from her first two seasons so quickly and easily.
  9. From the other side my sister constantly talks the most boring banal shite and accuses everyone of being rude and interrupting her when they give a single comment. I still stan Dorit but Kyle wasn’t wrong (although kii at her crying over nothing)
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  10. A MESS.
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  11. A princess.

    A temptress.

  12. A totally normal sequence of events! This is definitely what an innocent person does.
  13. Taylor stirring the pot about Adrienne lawsuit at LVP tea party without shame will never be not hilarious, Taylor surely knew how to stir the spot, she was chaotic
  14. As chaotic as Taylor herself was, she was a nice person. I felt like she genuinely tried to not let the ladies get too riled up and cared about getting to know everyone.
  15. - Do Dorit and PK have a new rented house every year?
    - Kathy looked amazing at the Election Party, and really fits in to this all well, floating in and out.
    - Garcelle is just, well, she and Sutton are the future of the show and the other girls know it, but asking the right questions and moving the scenes along.
    - I am warming to Crystal, and her sharing her bulimia was honest, but her husband saying he liked Sutton was a kii.
    - Has Harry ever appeared at a group event yet? In 6 years?
    - Kyle is definitely playing the right game (as usual) in her interviews, questioning Erika not telling the group sooner.
    - The producers just edge us a wee too much when there's been so much about The Divorce in the press. I mean an opening flashforward to what will be the next episode.
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  16. Ok but why has nobody pointed out that Kyle has finally embraced Kim's iconic line?

    "you STOLE MY GODDAMN HOUSE!!!!" was said by her to Sutton towards the end of the episode and I yelled.
  17. It might be Kyle’s greatest comedic moment.
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  18. Yeah I screamed. Kyle has been a fucking hoot this season. I think generally she’s the type that likes to rib at someone or throw a bit of shade her way. So having Kathy in the mix in general has really helped because she kind of has a punching bag that just laughs and takes it and doesn’t care, whereas Kim was (understandably) sensitive and fragile, so Kyle’s jabs always came across more harsh and aggressive.
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