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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I watched The Housewife And The Hustler today, I hope Erika is promptly dumped after this season.
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  2. God, Erika was insufferable in tonight’s episode, and got more screen time than she probably ever has. The way she was suddenly SO eager to be open and vulnerable for the first time in her tenure on this show in an effort to look like the victim in this divorce - knowing full well what was going on behind-the-scenes… garbage.

  3. Chile, Kyle, Kathy AND Crystal looked like they was one step away from saying they don’t know nobody named Erika lmao! The body language in this clip KILLED me!

    Also, I’m glad the editors are helping Sutton out because this is a classic case of gaslighting. I also notice that Crystal is smart to say certain things to Sutton in private so she can spin them and she always breaks the girls up in groups away from Sutton to talk shit. In real life I can imagine this would be frustrating so I’m glad Sutton can see on camera that she isn’t nuts. Crystal is definitely Teddi’s friend, but more calculated.
  4. Girls… I haven’t watched the latest episode yet but I don’t know what’s more shocking: Kyle making me laugh this season or Kyle commented on my IG post talking about her making me laugh this season. SCREAM.

  5. The split screen of the dumpling and Rinna's lips...

  6. - Kyle is already playing the "we just don't know everything, but if we find out anything I will turn on her" style of confessional she does so well. She's also good this year.
    - Not the emotional music as Erika recounted her "story", we will eagerly await Sutton taking her to task in about 10 episodes time I guess.
    - The producers must love Sutton, as those editors threw Crystal under the bus with her telling everyone slightly different exaggerations of what happened, on camera. Gaslight much, this sort of behaviour will get her destroyed at the reunion.
    "She is a Mean Girl!'
    - Can we just see more and more of Garcelle trying to find love please. She commandeered the whole episode and is currently MVP. Her "Hooooooold On Dorit" made me cackle.
    - Those teeny tiny beautiful looking cakes none of them finished.
    - Dorit hasn't given us anything again.
    - Rinna can just fuck off at this point tbh
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  7. I see Erika is wasting absolutely no time in peddling Tom as a total villain, which feels just as calculated as her "celebrity" persona. She's steely and ballsy enough to try and make this shit stick, you have to give Erika that.
  8. I don’t believe anything Erika is saying. It’s all too calculated. Even getting that smaller house which seems like a drastic downsize even if she is just renting. Sutton and Crystal seem to be going in circles but if they are done talking about it then when someone brings it up to Crystal she should just say they moved past it and leave it at that. Garcelle continues to be excellent and the rest were just kind of there this week.
  9. Crystal and Kathy's answer to Andy ddddd. They are not going down with that sinking ship!
  10. Ok, last night's episode of Beverly Hills was the most riveted by an episode I've been since Jersey ended.

    Also: how is Erika paying Mikey?
  11. Secondhand Marco Marco underwear.
  12. Crystal and Kathy giving us "I don't know her" energy. A smart move tbf. I can slowly see Kyle beginning to pivot also with her confessionals and what she was saying on WWHL.
  13. The confessional where Erika said cars and houses are nice but “at what human cost” (referring to herself) was particularly disgusting and distasteful considering the circumstances and the ACTUAL human costs.
  14. I was going to say I hate to admit it but Kyle is actually bearable this year, but then I saw WWHL where a fan asked her to do the splits and she was down and open legged before the question had even finished passing their lips.
    Now it’s business as usual.

  15. nn yeah, I'm enjoying Kyle this year. Sorry drags!
  16. Kyle has always been more interesting when one of her superior sisters is on the show. They make her likable. Without them, she’s just dull. In other news… Kyle did the splits on WWHL After Show… I can’t.

    Also, Kathy Hilton hooking up on the floor of the parking garage I always park in… i-car-nic.
  17. It’s true. Kathy joining has not only done wonders for this show but it’s also done wonders for Kyle. Erika and Rinna both are drags on this show, so watching Kyle interact with someone like Kathy has made her way more likeable. I would even go as far to say LVP being back in the mix with Kathy is something I would be highly interested in.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. I know it's not a popular (or socially responsible!) opinion but I would kinda like to keep Erika on the show to watch the gradual/rapid downfall like how we saw Teresa's downfall unfurl over multiple seasons.
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  20. I haven't found Kyle to be the slightest bit memorable this season. I legitimately cannot think of one thing she's said or done so far; is that growth?
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