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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. That looks GOOD! This is definitely fighting for Top 3 season with 1&2! Glad we finally got to see why Dorit is so mad at Garcelle lmao! Dorit picked the wrong one to mess with. Garcelle ain’t gone go easy on you like Kyle. She should’ve played with Sutton.
  2. We love a good trailer.
  3. Erika really wants to be the victim here.
  4. "You talk too much like Dorit sometimes!"

    Sutton continuing to understand the assignment, thank god.
  5. Seeing Beverly Hills returning to form has been an unexpected joy.
  6. RHOBH giving us something!

    Bless Sutton, Crystal (!!! So surprised that she has been so controversial on reddit, twitter, etc., I think she is such a great addiction) and Garcelle.

    So curious about the fight between Garcelle and Dorit, I am really curious to see how Garcelle handle more direct confrontations

    Sutton pretty much saying what everyone is thinking about Erika...
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  7. RHONY's midseason trailer found dead and buried! I can't believe I'm looking forward to new episodes of RHOBH.
  8. Sutton, I need you to stop crying and boss the fuck up. Erika cannot do shit to you! You are actually filthy rich and she’s about to be in prison.

    This is why I miss Brandi. If Erika had said to her “If you ever call me a liar again, I’m coming for you”, Brandi would’ve shot back “from where, behind prison bars?”.

    Im glad to see Garcelle and Sutton doing all the work but I’m gonna need Sutton to get scrappier.

    Also, height of hilarity is PK judging anyones legal and financial situation when the life he provides for Dorit is built on lies and Monopoly money.
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  9. The Jennifer Aydin'ing of Sutton has been great to watch.
  10. I am so perched for Garcelle to snatch Dorit. Did y'all see her wish her a happy birthday on Insta the other day? She truly does not give a fuck.

    Also, not a single shot of Teddi in the trailer? We won.
  11. Wait, so is the drama between Dorit and Garcelle because Dorit thinks Erika's story is all BS?!
  12. I think it’s Dorit believes Erika and Garcelle doesn’t. Dorit probably wants Garcelle to ask Erika her questions, Garcelle doesn’t want to kick her while she’s down and Dorit probably calls her inauthentic or starts drama because Garcelle is Erika’s friend to her face but questioning things behind her back?

    That is what I am assuming anyways.
  13. I need Sutton to draaaaaaaagg Erika. Erika is all bark and Sutton has to know this.
  14. Sutton had me screaming throughout the trailer.
  15. She really is the tentpole of the season, I expect her to be sat next to Andy at the Reunion.
  16. Whew now that is how you do a midseason trailer ladies.

    If you choose Sutton as your fighter you need to be prepared that she has zero stamina in battle. She starts off so strong, says the right things and then proceeds to fall apart in the battlefield. It’s entertaining though so I’ll give her a pass.

    Excited that Dorit has more to do in the back half of the season although in an ideal world it wouldn’t be against Garcelle.

    Also did anyone notice the lack of Rinna? We really are winning.
  17. Erika continues to deliver, great episode!
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  18. Sutton and Erika need to be in the seats next to Andy. If Sutton gets anything but the first seat she'll be robbed. My lineup would be:

    Dorit, Rinna, Crystal, Erika ANDY Sutton, Garcelle, Kyle, Kathy

    Sutton for all her eccentricities is keeping us fed. I actually love the fact that she isn't great in battle because it still doesn't stop her. She may be crying up a storm but you're not going to shut her up! I just wish she had someone like Camille on her arm. Sutton and Camille as a team would've been UNSTOPPABLE this season.
  19. It’s not new next week… damn it!
  20. Haven’t watched the new episode yet but already living at the fandom finding so many holes in Erika’s story.
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