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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I know this season is super entertaining and is providing us with actual storyline’s that we can watch with anticipation and glee, however I do not want Erika or Rinna back next season. I could accept a season with Rinna coming back to be taken down, her time is up. Kim could come back (in any capacity) and with the support of Garcelle it’s a sure fire thing.

    I love that mid-season trailer. It’s actual drama between different women! There’s no gang up! We are harking back to the glory days. I cannot believe I am watching a season where for the first time I can say that Kyle is fresh and fun!

    I also hope/wish Sutton will fight back against Erika. Erika has never been strong conflict. She is just cold, stoic and speaks aggressively fast in a rhythm that gives the impression she won’t back down. If ANYONE retaliated, she would only get herself up and leave. Like everything about her, is a poor drama-school level act. There’s no interest left but bad-will and resentment for the case at hand and how it’s becoming more apparent she is, in whatever part, at fault.
  2. What a season so far. Erika is such a horrible actress. That car story was so convoluted.
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  3. Not both of you whores arguing like Sutton and Erika in this thread?!

  4. I think I've... never enjoyed Koyle more than on this episode (and maybe this whole season even).
  5. I think Koyle was HIGH on 420 when she arrived at the house. Kathy clocked it.
  6. I miss when Thug of the World used to drag Erika left and right. Let her have it Ms Kemsley!
  7. This season is giving telenovela level soapiness and I’m eating it up. What the heck was that car story?

    Kathy continues to be a gift.
  8. It’s so nice to see the collective love that this season is getting. The girls are giving and we are happily receiving.

    Thursdays in this thread used to be a landmine filled with endless reads, shade and traces of @johnny_tsunami party city wigs from the draggings. The universal acclaim and unity right now is just ugh *chefs kiss*
  9. Yes I know it's consumed our world, but anyone else kind of happy the producers saw three of their cast test positive for Covid, and thought "Yeah, we'll give this ten minutes at most!"
  10. I stand by me saying earlier that this is Kyle's best-ever season. She is playing Housewife finally and seems to be having fun doing it.
  11. I actually feel how close she was to LVP for all those years, stopped her being the successful Greek Chorus we have today.

    (And I'll always say this, it's a shame Bravo let it get so dirty to get LVP off the show. Deserved?
    Oh seasons before, but the year a cast member loses a brother to suicide and then their Mother? Nah)

    I think Dorit is giving Erika a pass because she’s also going thru THE SAME THING.
  13. I mean, I am thoroughly enjoying this season but all this Kyle praise for doing nothing but making faces at Kathy’s actual hilarity? I don’t get it. She remains entirely disposable, and is only there to act as a sounding board for Queen Kathy.
  14. I think that Kyle finally seems... relaxed. And like a normal, likable person, not Tracy Flick. Not having to suck ass to anyone or sloppily scheme and act innocent about it is doing wonders for her as a Housewife.
  15. Ok I’m late but…

    What am I jealous of?! YOUR UGLY LEATHER PANTS?!

    Instantly iconic.
  16. I can’t believe Sutton was reduced to a friend of last season and then only got her dues this season. This season has been great because of her as well. The producers did great finding her.

    The only one I really can’t stand now is Rinna, the way she acted extra happy to be at the Villa and fake disdain about her daughter dating Disick like she’s not enjoying every moment of it? TRASH. And she’s clearly not calling people out or getting in the midst of drama to sell and flog her fucking AliExpress packaged make up. I HATE IT!
  17. Erika once said to Dorit during Pantygate, “The more you talk about shit, the worse it gets”… she should have taken that advice before she told that tall-tale about Tom’s car accident. Like, what was that? Seriously.
  18. I wanna live in the timeline where Kathy, Sutton, GarcelLegend, CHRISTal, and Child of the Wëuŕld starred in the G.U.Y. video.
  19. Kim's sister laughing at everything, she was enjoyable this episode, pleasantly surprised.

    Erika's ''story'' being the less funny version of the Lisa Oldfield story, I was expecting only the morbidly obese man with an inflatable swan to save Tom and call Erika.
  20. The way Erika narrated (with her FINGERS) how Tom was flown out of the car, after driving down a ditch and still walked out of it alive…

    I was half expecting a tiny little man with a HAT and a sexy cowboy to show up from Mulholland Drive and the gum he liked so much to come back in style!
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