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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Emphasis on the word acting.

    Sutton is the MVP, queen.

    Also Sutton reading Erika's doo doo nail!
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  2. Another amazing Erika episode. That first shot of her crying!!
  3. Bravo not giving us a trailer after that episode sure is something!!!
  4. OH MY GOD girls. Absolutely incredible episode... there is the Vyle we know and used to hate.
  5. I haven’t finished the episode yet but I LOVE Garcelle’s dinner look so much. Wow!
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  6. I loved the episode. Erika truly looks evil. I see Executive Producer Vyle was working, which I think was kind of necessary.
  7. I feel like Fox Force Five were in producer mode and thinking of what the audience would think. It's now clear after multiple dinners that the attack on Sutton is planned. Everybody said similar things to her at that meeting, but it's all being laid on her in such a dramatic way that is has to be planned. I also believe Erika was in on it. Kyle and Rinna assumed the audience would side with their friend and they decided to throw Sutton under the bus for it.

    Not only is that sick, but they're fools to think anybody would side with Erika who has been disturbingly cold and vicious in light of such atrocities committed against innocent people who had nothing.

  8. I haven’t watched it yet but this is true to form for the McMansion Family. They’ve been doing this the last few seasons with LVP and Denise. Why change the habit of a lifetime? They’re hideous.
  9. The episode with Kyle's Christmas dinner remains the MVP of the season so far. This episode was not it for me.
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  10. Sutton did try talking to Erika and was shut down, so it doesn’t feel fair for the other women to then blame her for not speaking up. That said, I do wish Sutton stood up to Erika - and the other women - a bit more; there is so much said in her silence & mannerisms, though, and I live for every second of it.

    Also, Crystal’s ‘my husband has worked with numerous people accused of sexual assault, but why should that bother him?’ wasn’t quite it. Sorry, but reputations do matter when you have a platform & there is reason to question the company you keep when accusations like that are brought up. I thought Garcelle did a great job at dumbing down the message for Erika to understand.
  11. I think I would have gotten a whole lot more from a Sutton, Garcelle, Erika and Dorit dinner (not that Erika would let it happen). Kyle and Rinna just annoy the fuck out of me with their hypocrisies and so it really took me out of the episode and left me frustrated more than entertained.

    The country club talk was also not it, fuck off with that Kathy, Erika and Crystal. Didn't Rob say he knew Sutton in the first episode?
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  12. Who the fuck knew Erika before RHOBH anyways?

    God these women irks me to no end
  13. Crystal should have sat there and ate her food
  14. Dorit slightly redeemed herself this week, so there’s that.
  15. Give Patrick, Kathy's French butler, a diamond, please. She is the moment.

    25 years of Mauricio peen... some people are just undeservedly lucky, you know?

    The way Rinna's completely redundant and inessential at this point, she adds absolutely nothing! Demote ha. Garcelle was excellent in that dinner, and even Dorit brought it a little bit with the œrphans and weedows - and even seeing Evil Koyle pop up was exciting for dramatic purposes, not gonna lie.

    This look was everything, but this pic looks like she's holding a mask of her own face on top of her real one and it's sending me.
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  16. I can't Erika thinking she could get away by not being grilled by the castmates when they grilled Denise and LVP over the dumbest things, she really is not as smart as she thinks she is. Also I hate the ''your opinion isn't important to me'' reasoning, it's usually lame, also you don't care and that's why you keep pointing your doo doo fingers at Sutton I guess.

    Kyle is a shit stirrer, I mean she did threw Sutton under the bus, but she sort of understand the assignment? Mean Kyle would be better if she was more unapologetic about it, but I didn't mind her riling up Erika, ddd. Rinna is expired milk, completely pointless and not even likeable.

    I love Garcelle, but her (and Sutton) should bring their points in conversation and outside the talking heads, because those ladies deserves the shade!

    Crystal... girl, why, I guess she is a friend of Teddi after all, a bit disappointed, but not that surprised, still think she has potential.
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  17. She's been such a disappointment over the last few weeks. I have a horrible feeling she'll keep quiet in order to appease Kyle in a bid to join Flop Force. Sutton and Garcelle are our hope, but they're in for a tough time. The gang will attack if they aren't broken up somehow. Bravo, do it.
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  18. “Erika made a deal with the devil and the devil always comes knocking.”

    I live for Sutton’s confessionals.

    This episode was fantastic. Everyone showed their true colors. Crystal lost her backbone, Dorit found hers for 7 seconds, Kyle became interesting again for the first time in 10 years by throwing Sutton under the bus and Sutton stood firm in her ground.

    Bravo knows what they’re doing not giving us a preview for next week.
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