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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank god for Sutton. What a star. Without her, and Garcelle, this cast would literally just be telling Erika that she’s not the problem and they’d all arguing about how much Dorit talks for 20 weeks.

    And I see Erika had waterproof mascara on this time.
  2. Give Patrick a diamond.
  3. Between the “they are fighting like cats and dogs, whew!” comment and NOT KNOWING WHO KYLE IS!, add him to the cast immediately!
  4. Dorit's momentary flip was fascinating. I truly cannot even begin to comprehend the workings of her mind.
  5. I do think the ladies are shocked that Sutton and Garcelle are actually bringing up real shit on the table, real shit that involves the Coven.

    I think The shitty mess thought she was going to enter the season not really having to adress the legal woes of Tom, but Sutton said "not today!".

    Also Garcelle really brought up a lot of points about Erika in the confessionals, her and Sutton pretty much tore apart her whole story and persona in the span of three episodes (not that Lady Gaga: the Dingo Pictures Edition is doing herself a favour anyways)
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  6. Uno


    Great episode, I just wish Sutton went in for the kill at the dinner. She has all the ammunition to do it, but it's just not in her character. She is a genuinely kind person, but not a dummy.

    Garcelle & Sutton remain the shining stars of the season.
  7. First time catching an episode live but whew was it worth it. Echoing those who were entertained but also frustrated: fucking Kyle in particular has had a strong season but showed her full ass at the dinner. The reunion is going to be fascinating because it's so obvious at this point Erika doesn't have a single leg to stand on and watching the roaches scatter while Sutton and Garcelle stand tall will be delicious. This episode in particular felt like the most obvious example of what Garcelle alluded to recently regarding the other women but I'm hoping the vindication and unanimously positive viewer response is enticing enough to secure at least one if not two more seasons with her.

    When Erika pulled away from Garcelle I gasped. That is the camp I came for.

    "Why would I want to trade places and experience this nightmare?!"

    I hate how much I want to stan the child of the universe.
  8. Even though it’s frustrating to see Garcelle and Sutton be so clear about their positions in their confessionals and not so much in person, I’m going to put that down to the confessionals being filmed way after all this went down.

    So I still have high hopes for them at the reunion, because at this point the victims still haven’t been compensated and it’s public knowledge that Erika has been actively trying to prolong/stop them from getting any money. We need that Green Eyed Bandit loyalty from them!
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  9. Dorit did do her job this week so she doesn't deserve to rot in the rankings of Rinna, but phew Crystal was her "mean girl" self again but not in an enjoyable way. I loved Garcelle's shade re: knowing her husband, and her general commentary about the dim sum dinner is why she is a top tier housewife.

    What is fascinating was that they cut/used footage as a flashback from the Lip Launch party with Erika vs. Sutton. That has some New York energy where so much happened they didn't even show it all (though explain to me why we had to endure 10 minutes of Rinna digging thru musty fashions).
  10. Kathy declaring she’s not an octopus was high level comedy to me.
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  11. At the Erika Jayne show like
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  12. A bit of a mixed episode for me, as it didn't meet its full potential due to this infuriating approach from Erika and the disappointing (but all too predictable) antics of the Get Along Gang. It really reminded of just how precarious the show is - the way Kyle quickly rallied up on Sutton, with Dorit and Rinna silent supporters - makes you realise how easily the coven can still smoother the potential we've seen this year.

    Crystal, who really should have just shut up given her worthless #MeToo comment, is looking like a possible new recruit to the Flop Force. If that happens, we'll be back to the witch hunt with Garcelle and Sutton being the targets.

    Erika just grosses me out more and more each episode. Garcelle was right, the looks she was giving were awful and totally meant to threaten and intimidate anyone who didn't tow the line. The veiled threats ("I'll remember who didn't stand by me"), yet more wooden acting, weeping for herself (again), the vicious and cold exterior given the tragedy of the real victims who are really suffering.

    Awful, awful woman.
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  13. I thought it was another good episode however Kyle's Christmas party is still the one to beat. I definitely would've preferred things in one uncut setting rather than a "to be continued" but that's Bravo for you! Will be interesting to see how things finish up at Kathy's next week.

    Dorit has just about earned her spot throughout these last few episodes. I mean, at least she's trying to get involved with the drama. Kyle throwing Sutton under the bus is beyond predictable at this point, especially when you consider that her reservations are to do with protecting her own image above all else but again.. she's putting in the work at least. Erika's anger is so misplaced. You'd think she'd be more open on camera about how devastated she is on behalf of the victims, it makes the "look at my fucking life" comment all the more laughable.

    I love me some Garsutton but I really wish they were better at taking Erika to task. It's weird that no one really goes toe to toe with her. You just know the Jersey or Atlanta girls wouldn't hold back one bit but I imagine things will be a lot different at the reunion since there's been many new developments.
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  14. Yeah I can't believe we haven't gotten some horribly acted breakdown by Erika that isn't about her situation, but the victims. She truly has no clue.
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  15. Uno


    I'm excited to watch Kyle, Lisa, and Dorit swiftly backtrack or downplay their support during the reunion once they see all the fans are team Garcelle & Sutton.
  16. Kyle and Dorit maybe. But Lisa literally can't or I feel she'll be laughed off the show, like she is stick in the mud defending Erika in this season and even since then while promoting the season.

    I think we're definitely in for an explosive reunion even if Erika's final act as a Housewife is not attending the reunion.
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  17. It's wishful thinking but.. fans sided 95% with Denise last season and they all showed their asses at the reunion. No one backed down, Rinna, Erika and Teddi especially continued harassing Denise.

    Andy will grill Sutton to death, I know it.
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  18. I find Lisa Rinna and Kyle's defense of Erika such a bizarre miscalculation for two people hyper-focused on their public perception. Like, even if Erika is totally, 100% innocent, they know that the entire world would instantly not side with someone accused of defrauding "orphans and widows."

    It feels almost rudimentary to think/assume that and I don't know why they're sticking with her in spite of that? It's not like they've ditched actual friends at the drop of a hat before?
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  19. Why has no one ever used Erika’s music against and told her what a fucking racket it is? It’s low hanging fruit but it’ll be such a slap in the face to her.
  20. I actually can't imagine Bravo deciding to protect Erika in any way by the time the reunion is filmed with all of the information that's out there. So much of the Flop Force Five's narrative this season supporting Erika hinges on doubt and ambiguity: now that it's basically all out there, they can't postulate Erika's involvement into an innocent conclusion. Public perception is so unanimously against Erika that the optics of siding with her now would be disastrous. And for what? Her finances are dwindling faster than her fanbase and she has zero connections outside the show. Bravo has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Expose her and let her rot.
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