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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. This is what infuriates me the most about her approach. It demonstrates such a lack of capacity for empathy that she can't even act like the actual victims are the ones truly suffering.
  2. Credit due to Bethenny (for once) for the time she told Erika how cheap her music video looked.
  3. The way I’m going to want all the reunion tea after it’s been filmed like I used to with Atlanta. I miss those days!
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  4. Is there any chance Erika won't show up at the reunion? I would imagine she would have to if she wants to come back next year. I don't see her having many other opportunities for an income without the show.

    Is there any truth to the rumours that she got her diamond because of a lawsuit with NBC and Tom?
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  5. She said she will. If I was her lawyer I wouldn't encourage that.
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  6. Considering Andy downplayed the documentary with the damn victims of Tom’s crimes on them, I expect him to go super light on Erika and her gaggle of idiots and go after Sutton and Garcelle as if they’re the true villains of the season.
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  7. Some of you guys do way more thinking about how the ladies triangulate themselves regarding public opinion than the ladies actually do triangulating themselves ddd. The ironic thing too is Kyle and Lisa getting the mentions when the person most obviously trying to play to the crowds is Sutton.

    ETA: Wild thought, but maybe Lisa and Kyle are standing by Erika because they’re actually her friend??????? That would make some heads in here pop.
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  8. Yeah, but what I'm actually saying is that never was a blocker for them before. Lisa Rinna gleefully threw Denise under the bus as soon as possible, Kyle to LVP, etc.

    It feels bizarre all around.
  9. Maybe I'm being naïve here but wouldn't this change now that Erika is being sued directly? Before Andy had the guise of conjecture (and incentive to promote Bravo's programming that involved the scandal vs. ABC's) to fall back on but that's not the case anymore.
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  10. Point acknowledged regarding Rinna but LVP was an awful friend to Kyle and deserved what she got from her in the end.
  11. ...i hated this episode. I just can't stand watching Kyle and Rinna defending Erika so brazenly.
  12. The real gag would've been if they filmed the reunion before the lawsuit, though it probably would've then been tied up in a legal mess and scrapped as her public defender tried to block it from airing.
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  13. I'm rewatching the good bit of last weeks before this weeks and something has crossed my mind.
    The timing when it was filmed... January, all they had to go on really was that one main LA Times article, so of course Sutton can't just throw all these receipts at Erika, like she hopefully can at the reunion (I hope she's done some bindering).

    And @Lego LVP deserved something but not how all that dog shite went down
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  14. Let's be HONEST @Lego! LVP and Kyle were both awful to each other over the years, especially Kyle to LVP in Season 9 considering the circumstances.

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  15. Ddddd not someone using Rinna being a good friend as a reason to support Ricky, I've seen it all
  16. Garcelle brings up the Flop Force Four to Rinna next week and tells her that she doesn't think she has her back. So Rinna comes back with... Garcelle not texting her after hosting her birthday to say thank you... even though she said thank you to her face on the day. I CANNOT.
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  17. Gives me "you didnt say thank you to Dorinda for the nutcracker" vibes but a lot less iconic.
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  18. Two faced?

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  19. I don't think I can watch this is they protect Erika so ardently. It's infuriating.
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  20. If the reunion is everyone, inc Andy, vs Sutton and Garcelle, and everyone covers for Erika, then what a terrible end to what has been great season.
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