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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Can they get the writer of that article to take over their recaps from Erika's ghost writer/biggest stan
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  2. I mean.. Kyle's definitely been a bit flip-floppy in her confessionals and scenes without Erika. So I can definitely see why she'd get some side eye from her.

    Quite honestly, I'd die to see Erika really rip in to both Kyle and Dorit, just for entertainment value. Pleathe!!!
  3. New episode tonight/tomorrow...
  4. I pray Sutton gets one last quip in before however this dinner party ends, I mean, we're only on the second course
  5. According to Kelly Dodd, the producers have their favourites (of course) and they are Kyle, then Dorit, then Rinna.
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Sutton — how am I supposed to stan you the way I want when you crumble or walk away at literally EVERY sign of conflict.
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  8. Not fucking P.K being a bloody voice of reason!!!
  9. Andy: Would you ever return to the show?
    Camille: You know, I never say never.
    Eilegend: I sometimes say never.
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  10. Still bummed we didn't get our annual Camille sighting, preferably at the dinner with Teddi.
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  11. Oop. 6A7DD02F-B81A-4177-AA8A-92FC918A448F.jpeg
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  12. When LVP sides with Erika in an effort to spite Kyle and the fandom combusts from not having an easy side to pick anymore.
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  13. Tonight’s episode was good but I gotta say I really loved Camille and Eileen on WWHL. Camille especially is so clearly team Garslutton and even Eileen couldn’t deny the winning team. Hopefully Dorit and Kyle jump ship! From the looks of it, PK and Mauricio are potentially going to make that more likely.
  14. WWHL was actually really entertaining tonight. The fact that Camille restated how much she loved the whole Garcelle calling Teddi a gnat moment.
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  15. What more could she do? I think Sutton gave us enough in that scene. She had no support, Kyle, Rinna and Dorit were gaslighting her. She was in a lose lose situation.

  16. Team Right are going to bring it at the reunion, with no fucks to care and the audience behind them

    "Someone like that..."
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  17. I love Sutton and i think she was pretty good at defending herself. At that moment, a threat like that among that friend group would have also scared me so kudos to her (and Garcelle who have been the only decent human beings so far) sticking and defending herself. I love to see their friendship and i think i see how their characters mesh, compliment and build each other up.
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  18. Erika Jail and Lisa Removha need to hold hands as they jump off a metaphorical bridge and smack the rushing pavement of reality.

    Despite believing it themselves, neither of them have any Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, or Talent, but are all of the leading letters for sure.
  19. Erika is such a lame loser, who the hell was Tom going to sue? Plus doesn't he have dementia according to the shitty mess? Also with what money? Who the fuck does she thinks she is? Good luck being in jail with that attitude.

    Her threatening the wives posing as she was some kind of threat... Which she is, artistically speaking, not in a good way, but outside of that, She's all fart and no shit.
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