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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Had that confrontation happened now (aka the reunion), I think Sutton would have held her own more. I think she did and said all she could, considering there were still many unknowns at that particular time. It’s clear now Erika has no legs to stand on (or they’re just up in the air according to PK), so Sutton could go “head on” with her and come out fine.

    Kyle needs to realise that she’s a terrible friend. Forcing Sutton to “be honest” (even though she already had been), and for Sutton to then be threatened with a lawsuit. No ma’am!
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  2. HW's twitter is Gold today

  3. The way Garcelle’s “SHUT UP!” can be heard around the world. I felt that!
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  4. Garcelle’s utter disdain for Dorit, honestly…

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  5. When Dorit came for Garcelle the first time, it massively pissed me off… but with the subtle shade this week and the preview, it makes me think this could be a fun, “light” and entertaining feud for them both.

    I just wish Bravo would let Rinna go.
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  6. Crystal flopping... we were all rooting for you, etc.
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  7. Also, Garcelle's dinner looked so, so, so, so good, I would legit try all that stuff, it looked so tasty
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  8. I can't get over PK being the voice of reason over most of the women on this show.
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  9. PK sat and waited 4 seasons for this moment, whilst also saying "Hang On Hun, you're not ruining this gig by blindly supporting this Monster."
    I eagerly await him and Stoned Daddy to fully set Erika's target on Vyle and Dorito next week.
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  10. I think Sutton is doing great. She has people trying to make her feel crazy telling her she needs to say everything when she already did. There wasn’t anything more to say at that moment at the dinner and if Sutton kept going it would of fed more into just her having a problem, even though Dorit spoke some.
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  11. I forgot Kathryn was ever on BH but she's dishing all the dirt in this interview.
  12. I had to keep my thumb over the right side of my phone so I didn’t have to see that toe D*vid Y*ntef but Kathryn kind of spilled, huh?
  13. The beginning of the episode was a tad frustrating with Erika being allowed to actively bully Sutton at the table but once Sutton got up it was classic Beverly Hills politics with Kyle, Kathy and Garcelle going to check on Sutton. Garcelle immediately calling out Kyle for exacerbating the situation when they were outside proving she continues to be the MVP of this season.

    While Kyle was shitty in the moment I did appreciate her advice to Sutton when they were shopping afterward. Erika walked all over Sutton because she could, but Erika will crumble the moment Sutton really pushes back.

    Y'all can roast me but Dorit is low key earning her spot again in this second stretch: being the only one to continue pushing Erika at the dinner, feigning ignorance while giving her husband a platform to eviscerate Erika's behavior on social media while also being sure to slide in that their bankruptcy was corporate vs. stealing from orphans and widows, calling Kyle a c***, feeding into the feud with Garcelle...let's go ahead and keep her if this is how she's going to be for the rest of the season.

    I had already seen part of that sit down with Garcelle and Rinna prior the episode and it was even more uncomfortable in context. Rinna's feigned human emotion with "I'm sorry you feel that, I don't feel that way at all" was so transparent, there's zero fun in watching her anymore. I do wonder if it'll get to the point production has to choose between Garcelle and Rinna: you can tell Garcelle can't fucking stand her, and as long as Rinna is on screen she's going to feed into the hypocrisy of the clique.

    Overall it was a great episode, but I'm really itching to get to the reunion and unpack everything. I'm glad we stuck around for WWHL after because Camille continues to be such a gift: "I loved it" re: the Teddi gnat tweet was a scream, and her rating Kyle's fashion at a 7 is the level of slight shade Beverly Hills always needs. Eileen was also wonderful and it was nice to see her reaffirm how fucked up the Denise storyline was last season.
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  14. I'm actually loving that Dorit is going full campy villain for the second half of the season. She and Garcelle both look like they're having fun.
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  15. I was about to say, she had absolutely zero fan (and Eileen/Camille) support for accusing Garlegend of being a bully, but I'm growing to enjoy their tit for tat more and more. Even when Garcelle copped to betting she would be the latest you could tell it bothered Dorit but she had no choice but to embrace the humor of it.

    The "I speak four languages"/"good for you" clip from next week just affirms this is a fun little feud I want to see play out.
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  16. I'm sure Rinna is saying Bye to Sutton as well as Erika, and what does she whisper to her when she gives her that dog?
  17. Crystal is turning into a right flop with these flop opinions and Flop Force sucking up. I reckon she'll fully be an onboard ally by next season, the last we need - EJECT, EJECT, EJECT. In other news, Kathy was Godlike when she totally shut down Erika's frothing meltdown at the dinner table. Like one word and it was over.

    Another really solid episode and another one driven by Garcelle and Sutton. Sutton just casually turning it on Kyle when they were shopping was the refreshing kind of thing you never really see. Oh and since Rinna is the self professed "truth teller" I'm expecting her to be quite candid about all the exposed legal facts and truths on Erika by the time of the reunion then?
  18. Uno


    Agreed - I was kind of chuckling at how many "little jabs" Garcelle was throwing Dorit's way this episode. She really said "you want jabs, I'll give you jabs girl!" - they were playful and not that deep, but it's good to have a little something to entertain us outside of the Erika drama.
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  19. Kim better sue for residuals

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