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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I said it last week but Dorit’s finally woken up and realised who she is since she got back from La Quinta. She’s definitely done enough to earn her spot among the group and is the only one aside from Sutton and Garcelle to put some heat on Erika.

    How many episodes are left? I’m guessing we have Dorit’s launch party, the final cast trip and Crystal’s finale party. I’m assuming 4 before we get to the reunion.
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  2. DAS


    I have always really liked Erika since her introduction to the housewives back in 2015 and enjoyed her on DWTS and even one or two of her "songs". I thought she would be very different in how she went about dealing with these allegations and legal proceedings, but surely she must know this act she's putting on and how she's reacting to her "friends" does her no favours?

    Particularly the past 4/5 or so episodes i am really started to dislike her. Her attitude and tone to the others is just awful. I don't particular enjoy Sutton that much, but i felt so bad for her after these recent Erika outbursts only directed at her.

    Dorit is now slowly becoming someone i am enjoying a lot more the second half of this season (except the beef with Queen Garcelle). I thought her attempt at standing up to Erika went well, and I hope that she is able to push her a bit more, take the heat off of Sutton, and express her true feelings like she did with PK and the group when Erika wasn't there
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  3. Dorit has been wonderful these last few episodes, and I love that she's holding Erika to task in a way none of her other friends are.

    Crystal is frustrating, but let's be real, she's only blindly siding with Erika because she hates Sutton more dddd.
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  4. It’s so much fun to take the piss out of Dorit, and I’m glad I can get back to enjoying her now that I know she’s only ride or die for herself and her BUBBA, not Erika. And more importantly, she’s stopped being boring.

    I thought the Flop Force clique would stay strong for the reunion this entire time, but now I think Erika’s ego is going to be way too bruised by Dorit and Kyle that it’ll be broken up for good (hoping I’m right).
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  5. Erika's surprise when she piped up "I don't agree with that..." showed a lot more than they thought
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  6. Uno


    Can we also talk about how Lisa pretending to black out and not remember anything from the dinner was so fucking lame?

    For someone who is always "on the side of the truth", she sure does love to lie through her teeth.
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  7. Lisa was so annoying I could barely stop myself from muting the TV with her bell, the leg in the air, the shrieking. It's all so forced I actually feel intense embarrassment each and every time. She didn't seem remotely drunk to me but of course she didn't remember any of Erika's psycho ranting that occurred 3 feet away from her.
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  8. When her response to Sutton leaving was "sorry Erika" I nearly spat out my wine. Maybe my least favorite current housewife.
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  9. I mean usually to black out, you would be shitfaced drunk, I mean if even Slurrinda remembers all of her raging outburtsts... Rinna is so damn fake, I don't get how producers love her at this point, sure she stirs the pot, sometimes, but it's way too obvious.

    I wonder if Sutton will reveal what she said at the reunion.

    Dorit and Garcelle feuding is great, I feel it's lighter and it's ok, I wonder how much truth there is to Erika not speaking to Dorit and Kyle, mmmh, we'll just have to wait and see.

    Sutton and Garcelle are still the MVPs of the season, I love how this duo really reinvigorated this franchise. I had big hopes for Crystal and I still have, but I am a bit disappointed, I thought she would know better, but then again at that time they only had that article out, now that there is all that shit out there.
  10. Any other franchise would give us an Unseen Production Footage shot of whatever Erika whispered to Sutton...

    But it's still Beverly Hills
  11. Dorit has successfully taken on and defeated Erika in the past. Do it again, Dorit!
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  12. I keep tormenting my boyfriend by saying "You've been throwing a LOTTTttt of JAHBS!!" with the hand motion and everything and I think I'm going to end up alone.
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  13. I called my fiance bubba yesterday and 12 minutes later the Feds were at my apartment.
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  14. Rinna is so full of shit. Bin it.
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  15. It's a shame the season is coming to a close just as it's really getting good.
  16. Lisa Binna.
  17. Miss Kathryn's seen some shit because her perceptiveness is elite here. Spot on.
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  18. The way Eileen throws the table with absolute zero conviction has me in bits.
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  19. I'm so disappointed Crystal has flopped. She showed so much promise in the first 7 or 8 episodes only to be virtually non-existent for the rest of the season. They'll keep her for another year because the feud with Sutton was good entertainment (and because producers seem to rarely axe people in Beverly Hills) but I wouldn't really care if she got replaced next year. We'll have to see how she does during these next few episodes and the reunion because that can change everything.
  20. it’s the way Ken doll goes flying into the synthetic shrubs for me
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