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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Lets not forget David Foster produced the best song of all time

  2. Don't forget the legendary song made especially for David Foster, If Dis Plane Were Mine <3

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  3. In the top 10 of the cringe Real Housewives pantheon
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  5. He’s an idiot. It’s a CIVIL case against her. She can’t be charged with any crimes.
  6. On a better note, Sutton said she did not shed a single tear at the reunion, so I assume she is holding her ground, which will be interesting.

    This, I really hope he is playing ''coy'' just because he wants to keep her on the show (since we know she got super pissed at the producers for not spinning her fraudolent narrative), but then again it's Andy Cohen we are talking about, so it's plausible he just is a moron.
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  7. Does anyone really want Erika on the show though? Her storyline is too dark. There's no coming back from what she's connected to, and quite frankly she has nothing worthwhile to offer that can remove the stigma of being linked to robbed orphaned kids, bereaved widows, and victims of atrocities who need to be compensated.
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  8. This Erika storyline is definitely a one season hit and if it did go on for two seasons, it wouldn’t be half as interesting the second time around. Plus, let’s say she is absolved of everything and manages to legally secure enough money for herself so she can keep up the lifestyle this show requires… she’s a bore a heart. Her legal woes are what’s interesting this year, not her.
  9. I think it depends what else comes out and what happens with the story. Has it peaked? Is there more to come? We know she's being sued for $25 million, so it'll be interesting to see what happens there. Bravo will 100% have her back.
  10. I can't see this return to form in general lasting for the show if they try and repeat it next season. It does feel very one and done, and nothing about Erika is at all watchable or worthwhile once you really get down to it.

    Even this year, the real assets have been Garcelle and Sutton driving the scandal Erika would likely want handwaved away over one dinner scene. Keeping Erika on the show will likely just enable her to drive off Garcelle and Sutton more than anything, more than enough reason to pray for her exit.
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  11. Can we just have the reunion already? I can't wait another 3-4 weeks.
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  12. Yes
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  13. Ms Hilton is making sure the whole country club knows her she is
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  14. Absolutely me. We're going to see some crazy flip flops from the other cast members in the coming weeks/months now that they're dealing with the public response against Erika and they're all PR-depraved. I also refuse to say that this season has been anything but the most compelling the show's been in 8 years.

    Honestly, if the women team up to do a group wide takedown of Erika next year it could be sufficient narrative payoff after the years of Puppygate and Denisegate.
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  15. Yes, exactly this. I had never watched any Housewives until this year when I needed something with lots of episodes and fast paced to watch while working out in the mornings.

    Binging through Bev Hills it’s amazing how quickly feelings change for cast members… Rinna was always too much and openly desperate for attention, but she brought a lightness and some great one-liners (mostly at Kim’s expense, bad taste but I still laughed…)

    Now all Rinna does is pretend to be blackout after two drinks and rear her head every five minutes to demand everyone ‘Own It!’ and speak the truth.

    Bug-eyed Kyle’s only storyline seems to be her quest to make the most meme-worthy facial expressions in one season.

    I really don’t know what would be happening in this season if not for the Girardi case. Most of the cast no longer have any purpose on the show.
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  16. We'd probably have gotten 3 more episodes of Crystal and Sutton arguing about the word violated and a two-part special devoted to how the girls were going crazy being stuck home for 2 weeks with covid
  17. Yes absolutely… I have been wondering since I posted that what the season would have been and all scenarios I could think of were dire.
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  18. The horror
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  19. I think Kathy and Kyle's scenes about their family dynamics have been surprisingly compelling.
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