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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Erika’s “I’m so sassy” personality when there are literally orphans and families with nothing left whose money likely paid for the literal clothes on her back is so unbelievably jarring.

    How is she not seeing that? I’ve not seen an ounce of humility from here since the season began and it’s genuinely disturbing.
  2. I genuinely get the impression that Erika believes she is innocent, because even if she knew Tom was up to shady business, she was just a weak, timid, oblivious housewife. He was powerful!!!!! The scream is that this completely contradicts her baddie behavior. It's completely not clicking.
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  3. PK having a wine stain on his sleeve before the event even started, is maybe the most relatable I've found anyone in any of these francises, ever
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  4. It’s clear the big issue with the Flop Force, among many, is that they are so intent on calling out people outside of the clique for not being honest or direct or for being too honest or too direct, yet they never apply that to themselves or others inside of the clique which is what makes it so damn frustrating.

    If I was Garcelle I wouldn’t want to come back unless I could bring a friend on. We’ve already seen she has many (CRYSTAL! Thank you very much) in just two seasons, so surely there could be someone that fits the bill.
  5. Rinna smirking while Garcelle cried filled me with unspeakable anger. She literally gets more unlikable with each episode.
  6. Garcelle literally telling Rinna she doesn't ever support her last week, and her staying sat down grinning through that...
    Irredeemable, but her "She's a big girl, she can handle Dorit!" made me cackle.

    Crystal spends half her time dishing up straight acceptable voice of reasonings, but then the other half, like, what relations does she have with these women that's any stronger than Garcelle's? I mean, at least Garcelle has Sutton.
  7. I just want to know why Erika sounds so congested all the time. Get her some Nasonex, stat.

  8. So her PR team is finally going into action?
  9. The "Erika telling wildly fake stories" scenes have escalated to the point that I guffawed out loud last night watching it. Is it pathological at this point?
  11. This whole saga keeps getting wilder.

    Cliffs notes:
    -Tom owed Dennis $500,000+
    -Dennis told Bethenny he heard from people Tom was living off firm money for years. (He owed 1.5M to another lawyer that Dennis knew)
    -Tom couldn’t say no to Erika and was borrowing money to furnish their lifestyle
    -Bethenny immediately told Andy, Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards about the information.
    -Bethenny said Andy called her immediately after all the news came out and said “'Holy shit. You really do know it all. You told me about this years ago.”
  12. Sounds like some people are guilty by omission
  13. God bless Bethenny and ha big, know it all mouth!!!
  14. Uno


    Surely she didn't know he was stealing money from clients, only that he was essentially broke, right?
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  15. Well that is interesting. PK speculated that Tom was in control of Erika, but this suggests it was the other way about. Even more interesting...

    So they've known all along.
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  16. This is the audio where she explains it all.
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  17. Bethenny, the biggest blabbermouth on the planet, supposedly knew about Erika’s financial situation and was silent about it until now? Sure.
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  19. Hopefully there's only an episode or two left to wrap this season, this episode was fine but we're beginning to go around in circles and I think the reunion will be needed to move us forward and out of the deadlocks. Time and public opinion are going to really come into play for the reunion and we'll see some solid shifts in how the cast behave when they get on those sofas.

    I literally feel like my brain is imploding whenever Erika rolls out yet another fake, ridiculous story. I don't know if she's just lost her mind at this stage or is one of those people who tells more and more brazen lies with the utter belief they'll push it over the line no matter what.
  20. Scream, this is why the former NY girls are unbeatable. Mention it all!!
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