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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Let the Skinnygirl host the reunion!!
  2. Bethenny would send her in a tailspin, I hate that none of the Beverly Hills girls have the range to truly challenge her like some of the greats would.
  3. Bethenny would actually be perfect to host some of these reunions if Andy ever stepped aside...

    Current Housewives who would adequately challenge Erika's BS:
    - The Marge
    - Gizelle
    - The Grand Dame
    - Ashley
    - Lisa
    - Ramona
    - Leah
    - Kenya
    - Sutton
    There really aren't many out there at the moment.

  4. I miss her messy ass energy on the show. She would nail Erika to the ground with her questions and do it without letting her even breathe and i would stan every second of it.
  5. Anyone else feeling like Bethenny might be closer to coming back to New York with her talking about housewives again or is that my tinfoil hat?
  6. At this rate Mikey is going to flip his car next. Erika herself is a car crash.
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  7. I think it's absurd how she didn't even thought that maybe giving such absurd and detailed stories makes her look more like she is lying, it sounded straight out of a GTA walkthrough, how could she not tell?
  8. The facT Mikey and co cost $50,000 A MONTH

    I mean, was it worth it @tom Girardi, was it worth stealing from the Widows and Orphæhns for?
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  9. @UsAtPopJustice To Erika - we can make you look like a clown for less!! Ddd

    (Shitty fake stories cost extra though! Dd)
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  10. OF COURSE Bethenny is now involved in this. Fuck, I love it all.
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  11. I know you didn’t forget Candeegal!

    Her reads would be vile and horrific. Perfect!
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  12. Kyle saying she needed to hear from people who are outsiders from the Flop Force to realize Erika's story was crazy... girl please. Her stories are too outlandish yet similar and come out at the most convenient /s times to be the truth.
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  13. Erika could've said all the stuff about the burglar, confrontation & eye surgery etc then mentioned her son got into an accident on the way there and he's fine, and it would've been believable enough.

    It's the flipping 6 times "but he's fine" that takes it to ridiculous heights. She isn't well versed enough in any of this to lie so obviously, because as soon as anyone questions anything the story crumbles.
  14. What kind of Ugly Mess was that damn story. Why is it always car flipping and Tom getting hurt? Why is Kyle dumb enough to believe these things?
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  15. I’m still not understanding where this snow came from that she spoke of. How far north does your son live & how does no one else know where he resides?
  16. Rinna’s shrill flex of “So I’m not the only crazy one in this group”… when in reality she’s one of the most banal, monotonous people across all franchises.

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  17. “Unencumbered by children” - straight into the vernacular…
  18. She previously claimed he lived with them but didn’t film because he’s a cop. With her, who knows what the real story is.
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  19. Ericka's life features more epic car crashes than your average Fast and Furious franchise.
  20. You can tell during the limo ride that Rinna and Kim had during season 5, that it was the moment where Rinna decided to sell her soul for the show ddd, the way she kept going after Kim.

    Also I miss Eileen, such a poised, nice and good housewife.
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