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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I wonder how much of the juicy stuff Kathy stays for... I feel she'll be on at the end of part 1 to the end, but we shall see.
    And all the franchises commitment to a smiley group shot no matter how awful it is, is Camp
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  2. "Statitician"—learned queen!!
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  3. This may be one of Rinna's finest moment, the absolutely unnecessary and extra drama she brought just for the sake of it, Rinna worked so well as an agent of chaos, with Eileen pretty much siding her and calling her out when she was too much. Truly a "You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain" moment.
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  4. The models behind the glass in a global pandemic was peak dystopia.
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  5. Mauricio looks SUPER FUCKING ADDITIONALLY SEXY this episode tho...

    I hate Vyle. She steals houses and my man.
  6. The way Dorit made them stand there on pedestals while the whole group ate was ridiculous.
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  7. If it wasn't for the pandemic they would have been on ladders!

    I still cringe at how wrong Dorit got things this year. Even tho she was zero help to her, even with last season we got her iconic OY BUHLEAF DUNEECE. Still 10000000x better than The Pathological Mess and Rinna.

    It was incredible that Dorit's rehearsed read about languages was torpedoed by Garcelle's "good for you", that she delivered with not one ounce of hesitation.
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  8. Gurls…

    Was this discussed?

    And this…

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  9. The confidence with which she corrected him too! I guffawed.
  10. She speaks four languages!
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  11. We need this queen back.

  12. I'll never understand why they don't make Camille a main housewife again. She's always understood the assignment and served the goods.
  13. Kyle hates her?
  14. She did turn the entire group against her during her last stint as a friend. If she were to come back she'd need a proper ally.
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  15. Shut It Down,
    Denise seeing Camille after everything last season, was a great lil moment. But she was Camille's only way back in, at the moment.
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  16. Put me in the opposite camp then, because I really don’t want Camille back. She makes fun TV but she’s a horrible person and I think she’s been too invested in the series since she left that everything she would do would be too calculated and performative. I mean, they all are like that, but I think with her it’s so much more obvious.
  17. The way they named the Season 9 finale after her too. Legendary.
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  18. I think the best Housewives casts have at least one Agent of Chaos and Beverly Hills would be well-served to have one. As others have mentioned, Lisa Rinna was one until she became rotted.
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  19. I would certainly take Camille over keeping Lisa around, I agree with that.
  20. Kyle’s dress. CYST. She’s truly the Gizelle of Beverly Hills.
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