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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. You forgot DETECTIVE MEGHAN. She will be relentless.
  2. The more I rewatch older seasons, the more I hate LVP aka the most overrated housewife ever.

    The whole storyline with her son in season 5, was a bit eeek, plus the "poor me TT_TT" about Brandi or everyone actually, get over it.
  3. The season 3 reunion was just the cast + Andy dancing on Adrienne's grave for two parts fgnhgfsafsgb
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  4. Lisa has always been the worst. I really do not miss her at all.
  5. I truly wish Brandi and Kim were in this season.
  6. Never Brandi.
  7. I feel we’ve seen all Brandi could ever give us so she can stay at home.
    However, I would have LVP back but ONLY if she fully committed to the villain role. That I would like to see.
  8. She will commit to being a villain, so she can stay at home aswell!
  9. Brandi is a legend and an icon. The #1 New York Times bestseller Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders is the greatest piece of literature I have ever read! It should be compulsory reading for all homosexuals.
  10. Brandi shot her load last year, and doesn't deserve a comeback to the show.
    But I'm happy for her inclusion on RHUGT, like Vicki and Phaedra.
  11. It's weird because Brandi is a vile person who doesn't deserve the platform like Phaedra or Vicki but I almost feel like... the ladies of RHOBH (other than Garslutton) deserve to suffer her presence.
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  12. Adrienne's downfall was so HARD, especially considering she was so... middle of the road (and I do think that what Brandi did was quite shitty in hindsight, and as many pointed out, it's ironic how she would get pissed if someone talked about her children, yet she did not have no issues outing Adrienne's surrogacy), I cannot wait to hear your opinion about the 'wives and can't wait you to witness the second half of season 5 + the reunion (and to suffer throughout season 8 - 10 like a lot of us did, dddd).
  13. Sutton’s on WWHL tonight, which should be good. However, I do wonder why Dorit hasn’t been on it since the premiere, right?
  14. God it's such a drag waiting to see Garslutton win over the flops another week.

    Also @allyshone it's very suspiciou, especially as she (and PK) have been pulling there weight the second half of the season
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  15. Maybe she was intended to be until the legal issues came to light a couple months ago?
  16. Yeah, Denise last year aswell showed up only to one WWHL, it does not bode well for her, sadly, because while she hasn't really brough anything outside of that feud with Garcelle and last dinner with PK, Mauricio and Kyle, I'd gladly see Rinna go before her, but somehow Rinna manages to be one of the most hated housewives and yet she seems untouchable, I read rumours that her and Garcelle feuds hard at the reunion, with Rinna implying that Garcelle tried to set up Erika at Tahoe, one can only hope that seals the deal with the fandom.

    also here for the shitty mess weekly meltdown on twitter.
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  17. Awww look at Jamie Lee praising Kyle. As much as I can’t stand her, I’m excited to see her in Halloween Kills.

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  18. Dorito, Rinna (and by default Erika) coming for Garcelle at the Reunion when they've seen how popular she is
  19. They’re 100% giving Dorit the Teddi edit. They’ve had such success adding newbies to freshen up the cast and eventually someone has to go. I predict Dorit will be the choice this year.
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