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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. This for sure feels like Dorits last season, and I am okay with that.

    Kyle , Rinna , Garcelle , Sutton I’d say are 100% safe. And I’m fully expecting Kathy to come back as a friend.

    I’m really unsure how they could bring Erika back, and if they do.. it’ll be beating a dead horse.

    What does everyone think of Crystal? I enjoyed her at first.. but now she’s just there? I wouldn’t be mad if they took away her diamond.

    We need Brandi or a Brandi 2.0 next year, I want to see Kyle and Rinna get ripped a new one.

  2. I honestly think the Erika stuff taking over the show has curtailed Crystal's growth. She's quite a refreshing straight talker at times (like at Garcelle's), and we're seen she can feud, but the bulldozering by the scandal, well, there's nothing that can stand in it's way.
    I say give her a second season.
  3. Crystal showed tremendous potential but definitely fumbled the second half of the season. I feel like she would have been more willing to go there with Erika's troubles if Sutton wasn't leading the opposing side. Her friendship with Garcelle has the makings for a great pairing, but she was recommended by Teddi after all.
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  4. I'm... not sure what you all see in Crystal. She has given me nooch from the jump. She was mean with Sutton and outside of that has just kind of been present.
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  5. For one... I don't really want them all to be nice? But I maintain she was in the right in the Sutton situation. Sutton was being obnoxious and playing the victim, and Crystal simply stood up to that and didn't back down (even when the other ladies told her to, which is exactly the kind of self-assuredness this show in particular needs).

    Granted, she hasn't been up to as much in later episodes of the season but she really did carry it for the first half.
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  6. The main thread to be had is Sutton brought it in the first half, and has knocked it out the ballpark in the second.
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  7. Imagine not being mean to someone who cried after you told them that "not seeing colour" isn't a compliment. Bully them, they deserve it.
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  8. Crystal being mean was the reason I became a temporary stan. I want her to channel that side again but know that she would realistically only do it to Sutton and that's just flop force five behavior I don't care to see.

    She is also the most gorgeous housewife across any franchise.
  9. And her randomly admitting her husband has worked with people accused of sexual assault & harrassment during the Me Too movement completely unprovoked...

  10. Crystal gets a lot of undeserving hate online, while I am a bit disappointed she is flopping a bit, I loved her in the first half of the season and she definitely have the potential, she absolutely deserves another season.
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  11. Kathleen, I am so sorry this conversation is boring you but you are a Friend Of and this is what Housewives dinners are for. Let them bicker and hash it out.

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  12. Phew Sutton was serving at that dinner. She gathered Erika while looking completely snatched.
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  13. Erika on Tom going into a home: “to do what? Rot?”

    Yes sis.
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  14. Ma'am, you left his ass when he lost his money, but you're concerned about him rotting away?!
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  15. Rinna needs to be booted from the show, I cannot bear her and the rest of the flop force five shrieking about honesty for the millionth time.
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  16. Bravo and Andy never seemed to have a problem to throw out iconic cast members after one, two or three seasons, even though the housewives brought tons of drama (Aviva, Kathryn, Jill, Carlton), but it seems that we have now entered a time where boring Binna’s can stay for 5+ seasons. It’s frustrating.
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  17. E20CADE4-D47F-431A-AD37-40F509BA4D0C.jpeg
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  18. I love seeing Sutton at ease in her housewives role
  19. I know we know this, and pretty much all collectively agree on this but... I despise Lisa Rinna so fucking much.
  20. - As usual, someone else brings up the Sutton and Erika falling out, they go off a little, then they make it all sound like Sutton is asking for forgiveness or doing too much, which she isn't.
    I adored Garcelle calling it out, even if it lead to that "just be honest" mess. It was not beautiful.
    - Kathy calling out Dorit but seeming to have such respect for Garcelle

    Is next week not the finale!!!?
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