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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. The incredibly focused turn this season took once the Erika scandal kicked in really deflated Crystal, its got to the point where I barely remember she's even in the group. She got off to such a good start with the utterly hilarious, camp Sutton feud but the air really has gone out of her.

    I'm finding it hard to get a grip on her as a result and I'm worried she's a flip flopper that will be a new Flop Force recruit next season to try and stay afloat. I wouldn't be overly bothered if she and Dorit jumped next season.
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  2. Crystal turning out to be a bust leads me to believe the feud with Sutton was a fluke. She has offered absolutely *nothing* worthwhile since that feud ended. She's scared of Erika like the rest, despite having no deep friendship or connection with her. It screams of trying to fit in. Then she made that silly comment supporting Rob's #MeToo friends, then she threw Garcelle under the bus and acted like she has no friends in real life despite telling Garcelle she understood her issues.

    I personally believe because she's close friends with Teddi, that she went in knowing of Teddi's problems with Sutton and knew she'd be an easy target for a feud that wouldn't isolate her from the group. Once that ended, where did that firm confrontational personality go? It's a little suspect to me. I feel like they'll give her another season, but she could easily go IMO.
  3. They 100% need to boot Rinna, another firing is dependent on how much more mileage they can get out of Erika’s legal troubles. If there’s more to come then keep Erika around to drag her further through the mud, if not then I’d say get rid of Dorit as she’s not given much this season and it removes someone else in that camp.

    There’s a dominant group in the flop force five and Crystal has fallen into that, they don’t really challenge or hold each other to account and it’s been the problem for several years now. Dissolve this group from the show.
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  4. This is the total key to fixing the show - kill off the codes of conduct and alliances the Flop Force have drilled into the series from Season Eight(ish) onwards. This season has worked because a) Garcelle and Sutton being just brilliant in not towing the line and b) the Flops loyalties are being strained and tested.

    Weaken the FF down more while they are already on the ropes in order to continue repositioning the show for next year. Dorit should totally be the sacrificial lamb to do this and Crystal before she can convert - boot her for Camille ideally.
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  5. Possible she did just get lucky with the Sutton fight and I'm convinced she'll seek out Rinna and Erika next season once she becomes aware of how little she's really contributed. When a FoH like Kathy has done more than you, you would be right to get jittery and I 100% think she'll try and fit into some kind of safe alliance.

    Unless Crystal really turns it around at the reunion, I just don't see any real cast chemistry - like Teddi, she's too background, lacks dynamic connection with the women and is another one cowering from Erika.
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  6. I’d be happy for Crystal to be given another chance to be honest, I think having such a dominant group would make it difficult for any new housewife to come in when stirring the pot means you’ll get one group all backing each other.

    Camille coming back to cause chaos would be ideal amongst a diminished flop force.
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  7. I’d also give Crystal one more shot.

    Her connection to the group is thankfully not even there (Teddi) and even if she’s watched previous seasons as prep, this year has completely been different because of the Erika drama. I can understand why she’d feel completely untethered to the group and unable to interject herself into what’s been a one-story-line season. There’s just no history or rapport with these girls and her.
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  8. I'd be willing to give her another chance, although I wouldn't weep either if she didn't return.

    Its a lot more important to really get rid of Dorit and / or Rinna (very unlikely I know). This has been a tough season to really make a mark for a total newbie - you either stand up to Erika or need a prior history with her and Crystal has neither.
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  9. Page Six sunk to a new low today.

    Not defending Tom but he’s clearly very, very ill.
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  10. Unfortunately, Kyle, Dorit and Crystal were just traveling with Teddi off camera this week. I think Crystal may be safe. And I wouldn't mind so long as she uses her second season to pop off a little more. Rinna is the only one that absolutely needs to be fired. I hate Erika but who can deny what she brought this year?
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  11. DAS


    Honestly i'd be interesting to see a bit of a more harsh revamp of the show. This season has been a return to form for the BH housewives, but i think too many of the women have served their purpose already.

    My ideal lineup for the next season would be: Kyle, Garcelle, Sutton, Camille, Ali Landry & Lori Loughlin
    I'd have Kathy & Kim (maybe Crystal and Dorit too) as friends of, and maybe Kris Jenner as a guest? And then have Rinna and Erika fired

    So with this new line up, Camille and Kyle can go at each other, Ali is BFFs with Garcelle so it adds to the Garcelle/Sutton side, and whilst Lori is a friend of Kyle, i think she may want to build back some public favour (like with her daughter doing DWTS this season), and i'm sure Kyle wouldn't go against her and try and show a better side to her.

    I need Kim to be a friend of to show some Richard sisters dynamics again. I know that the Kardashians have a new show which is basically just KUWTK again, but on a different channel, but to see Kris, Kyle (even the morally corrupt Faye) would be nice, as they have such funny scenes when they are together, away from Drama
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  12. Not Lori Loughlin!! Surely Bravo would want to skirt another white collar criminal. She also seems like the type to not want to get her hands dirty at all.
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  13. Nah, if Carlton was axed after one season despite delivering such an iconic level of witchy camp there’s no reason why Crystal should be given another chance. But I am certain they’ll bring her back for another year.
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  14. Crystal has genuinely said about three words since episode 10 which just isn't good enough for a cast member that's on their first season. Granted she had a strong start but she's failed to make any impact since her feud with Sutton.

    It's pretty clear Garcelle needs an ally, so someone is definitely getting the chop. It will be between Crystal and Dorit and I'd rather keep the latter. Bring in a new cast member and a friend.
  15. Erika is one of the most infuriating people to watch in an argument. The dinner where she just kept throwing dismissive insults at Sutton and when Sutton would try to reply she would just turn away and say "why are we talking about this?" just reeked of bully tactics. Even if we get nothing else from this reunion, seeing Sutton (and Garcelle) decisively come out on top with the audience is all I really need at this point.

    WWHL actually provided some welcome counterbalance: Justin had the perfect summation of why it was absolutely not appropriate for the others to continue probing Garcelle about why she felt like she didn't fit in.

    Excellent episode overall, Kathy's "The Lady" was so messy but I had to scream at the obliviousness.
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  16. Not Sutton’s best friend inadvertently outing Lisa Rinna as a liar

  17. What still makes so irritated about Erika, is that, as Kyle put it, she's all bark, but no bite, she's hollow, I just wish we had someone like, Camille, Kim, hell even Brandi, getting back at her.

    I am so over Rinna, ENOUGH BRAVO, she has truly run her course, there is literally no redeeming factor about her, none at all.
  18. Imagine if anyone tried to resolve their differences the same episode as their fights on Beverly Hills as they do in the likes of Atlanta....

    Talking of Friends Ofs we need
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  19. I like Crystal despite her snobbish tendencies but ultimately she is a poor fit for the show outside of her husbands legitimate Hollywood bona fides and lifestyle porn.
    She is never going to offer anything outside of her cultivated presentation of her perfect life and I imagine she thinks actually playing the Housewives game is beneath her.
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  20. It's a MUST that Jennifer Tilly joins the show next season as a friend of for Sutton. Could you imagine her and Kathy Hilton at the same dinner table? It's the high camp we need!
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