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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I was all up for a heavy cast revamp going into this season and despite the upturn in quality, I still am as I'm not fooled by this return to form. It is only being driven by Garcelle and Sutton and the rest of the tired cast are still here, still not pulling their weight and have nothing left to give.

    Dropping Dorit and Rinna would be a dream, as impossible as the later seems with Bravo.

    My ideal cast would be -


    FoH - Dorit, Kim, Kathy

    Utterly remove the core cast issues of the Flop Force by wiping it clean off the table. Restore the iconic trinity of LVP, Kyle and Camille at the heart of the show alongside the new generation of Garcelle and Sutton, plus some new blood. Give us a sense of a really new start to the dynamics.

    No more Rinna going through the panto motions and screaming about honesty. No more of Erika's budget Britney persona. Demote as well Dorit who has given really very little apart from more fake lifestyle porn and some interesting looks.

    Put a definite close on the chapter of the Season Eight - Ten horror show.
  2. I'm still on season 4 (lmao) but these calls for Camillegend to return full time are making my heart sing.
  3. Every time Camille's name gets brought up I just think about how @BEST FICTION clocked her thick ass reading glasses every time she whipped out her phone with already enlarged text.
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  4. Camille would have an easier time turning up the drama now that Garcelle/Sutton are around and not in that core flop force. I'd welcome her back anytime.
  5. When I scrolled to the third image I legit thought it said Special Guest Dorit Kemsley dddd.

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  6. I still think Crystal has been a fantastic addition. I think the main problem is almost all of this season is now focused on Erika and Crystal doesn’t have anything to contribute to that story - heck, she only just met the woman. I’d be excited to see another season of her now that she’s actually developed relationships with the ladies and can hopefully develop plots beyond Erika’s legal troubles.

    I know many have posted about it, but last night proved what a delightful duo Sutton & Garcelle are. They have such incredible chemistry that reminds me of the best Housewives friendships over the years. I feel an immense bliss anytime I see them together on screen.
  7. Kathy being so engaged everytime Garcelle speaks and makes a point, at any dinner or event, is also a highlight (unless they're fighting and she ignores the drama to do her lips).
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  8. Give "The Lady" a diamond next season.
  9. Even dementia (allegedly) isn't stopping him throwing Erika under the bus
  10. This week’s episode was comedy gold. Put Kathy front and centre more.
  11. She's so great because she's so oblivious/"unintentionally" funny but also such a shit-stirrer in group scenes. The "Tomasina" comment earlier this year at the lunch and then her talking last night at dinner, she just sets the gasoline on fire and walks away blameless. She's the ideal friend for a cast.
  12. So you must have met the reigning Supreme, Carlton Gebbia
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  13. I am ANXIOUS is sending me.

    Speaking of ideal Friends Ofs, I still think Carnie Wilson was fantastic during her cheesecake tasting soirée. I feel like she could bring it for sure.
  14. No shade but isn't Carnie like... financially not well off?
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  15. It feels like every episode is Erika hitting a wall at dinner and being nasty to Sutton, then revealing some ridiculous story to Rinna and Kyle the next day when she's got nowhere else to go.
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  16. I kinda checked out on this season to be honest. Sutton and Garcelle are great but literally nothing exciting happens anymore around the Erika storyline. I am gonna catch up with the reunion.
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  17. See, so much in common with the Girardis already!
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  18. I guess I always sort of classed her in that group of like struggling celebrities (e.g. Tori Spelling) who did quick coin reality back in the day like Celebrity Fit Club.

  19. I’m ready for Sutton vs Rinna
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