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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Yeah, I just want to get to the reunion at this point. Erika has switched off in the group scenes and is back to being the boring and cold housewife we’ve all come to know and dislike. Yes, her storyline this season has given us A LOT, but Erika herself hasn’t got the charisma or personality to deliver us the consistent CAMP we need as Housewives fans.
  2. Bin Erika, Rinna, keep Vyle only if her sisters are around for entertainment, give Dorit one last chance, keep Crystal, Garcelle and Sutton and bring us on two new girls - one from one of the girls circles and then a total wildcard.
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  3. I can’t at anyone willing to give Crystal a stay of execution. She started off well but faded way too quickly. There has been so much going with so much to talk about but she decided to remain the girl with the ugly leather pants.
    I don’t anticipate her bringing much fo the reunion.
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  4. I just hate one season housewives - give them like one more shot at least? She gave us more than Teddi at least.
  5. Giving more than Teddi is not a benchmark its just called breathing.

    I just feel disappointed because she started really well, I think she let herself get intimidated by the scale of the season but if ever there was a time to seize the moment and become iconic this was the season … just look at Sutton.
  6. Not all Housewives have it in them to call an on camera meeting to discuss the legal woes another housewife could present them with, behind that fraudulent hosuewives back...
    In fact, find me anyone else as bold as Sutton in that moment?
  7. Maybe I shouldn't tell it. Do you want to hear it? This is really bad.....I'm going to do it.

    Love Sutton.
  8. Same, even if I don't really like them, sorry Crystal.

    The one I was most disappointed about was Tiffany Moon only getting one season before Dallas was cancelled.
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  9. There’s already a rumor circulating that Bravo is fast tracking filming to start in 3 weeks. Same cast, no new wives or friends of at first but they’ll look to add to the mix as filming goes.

    Garcelle already confirmed she’s back next season on a red carpet for an event this week and is helping fuel this rumor.
  10. I just love Garcelle and Sutton’s friendship. If they weren’t apart of this cast, I wouldn’t be watching.
  11. Garslutton’s have ate well this season.

    It’ll be good if they mix two new friends in as filming goes on to see who could be upgraded the following year. Hopefully they do that because the majority of the cast are stale and stink!!!
  12. Lisa Rinna smells! If I have to deal with another season of her leg and yelp I'll get an aneurysm.
  13. Yes.. Lisa Rinna especially is.. burnt, crispt, cookedt!!!

    Does anyone know what information came out about Tom and Erika once the season finished filming? My dumb ass can’t remember if there were any major developments (besides her getting sued) that unraveled which could be carried over into the new season.
  14. I expect her trying to get ahead of the victims if they find any money to pay out to unravel at the reunion, I'm sire one of you said the fans were keeping her well informed of any developments.
    Pray 4 Sutton.
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  15. We're near the end of the season so almost there but yes, it feels like the reunion is needed now. Erika has shifted fully back into rehearsed fembot and we're in a constant loop of the same scenario with no way forward.

    The reunion will allow the cast to shift the story forward with the benefit of more legal info.
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  16. Not entirely unexpected given the improvement of this season but a tad disappointing. I guess the issue is if the Erika story is going to aggressively continue, new blood isn't going to be able to add anything in and they need to keep the most historical relationships - just look at how Crystal has struggled to get involved.
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  17. Same cast...
    We at least deserve PK & Dorit vs Erika Part 2
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  18. I would love to see Dorit emboldened against Erika. I would stan again if she would just defect to Team Garslutton. How amazing would it be for them to have bestie scenes and to also go after Kyle?
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  19. This is what is so annoying about the current dynamic. Dorit and Garslutton would be such an iconic pairing. The amount of camp. But I don't see her letting the mouse go.
  20. There's a lot of feuds that could really pop off in season 12 if they are in fact bringing everyone back.

    Kyle/Dorit vs Erika has a lot of potential
    Will Rinna soldier on for Erika or will she defect if she sees Kyle/Dorit doing so?
    Garcelle vs Dorit will either be squashed at the reunion or will spill over to season 12
    Sutton vs Rinna has to happen properly

    They need to find something for Crystal to do because - as is the general consensus - she's been floundering after Ugly Leather Pants. I like her as an addition though.

    I really need for them to bring in one of Garcelle's friends as an ally for her. I think they'll definitely invite everyone else back, including Kathy, and then add one Friend Of.
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