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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I would like them to threaten Dorit with a “friend of” role if she doesn’t deliver, that would hopefully bring back the S7 Dorit that we all love.

    I would also love for Camille to be back in the mix, my gay brain can’t handle the thought of Camille and Sutton interacting with each other.
  2. How many episodes are left before the reunion? I’m kind of getting bored with Erica’s fan fiction accounts on reality. Nothing is really added from week to week at this point so it all feels kind of stale? What episode number are we on? 20?

    Was that Nightline documentary released while they were still filming?
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  3. There's two more episodes listed.
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  4. Is this thread acting weird to anyone else? I feel like posts are switching in order. It's so pernicious...
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  5. When threads get too long, they start acting strange. Considering this was the general Housewives thread before I iconically expanded them into individual topics, we may need a new RHOBH thread.
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  6. I am obsessed with Kyle's mid-mouthful pause at Erika's "Allegedly!!!"
  7. Yes bitch let them all know your OG status.
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  8. Next episode summary:
    Me to Erika having another “shocking story”:

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  9. Sutton becoming Ironside for the last couple of episodes of the season
  10. In a season with a storyline that’s completely drowned out all others, Crystal’s still managed to get a feud going that’s powerful enough that there will likely be a whole reunion episode dedicated to it. She’s a fantastic addition and has more than earned a second season.

    The idea that Bravo would touch anyone in this cast after the tremendous reception this season has gotten is absurd though and it’s baffling to me how often cast changes comes up as a topic of discussion here.
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  11. Still a better filler housewife than Teddi.
  12. She’s better than Teddi and Kathryn but still worse than Joyce and WitchyFuckingPoo so who even knows what will happen to her
  13. I hope it doesn't fizzle like the last Potomac reunion. Part 1 was amazing but the rest of the reunion episodes were a bit of a chore.
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  14. Totally unnecessary.
  15. I TOLD Y'ALL!
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  16. Unless there a huge twist at the end á la Phaedra being outed as the person who started the sexual assault rumours, which we know there probably isn’t, then keep it at 3. An extra reunion ep just means more Rinna. She’s a nightmare on reunions and I just can’t.
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  17. Carlton despising Kyle from the moment she meets her. So nice to finally have some representation on this show.
  18. Housewives reunions have been a little botched for me lately based on how poorly they edit them these days. So if it means we get enough breathing space AND something major goes down then I’m all for it.
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  19. Erika's mess, sutton vs cystal, the probable attemptive Garcelle take down by Binna and Dorito, some laughs at Kathy...

    Yeah three you would think was enough. Maybe Andy does actually go hard on her, I'd take five episodes of that.
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