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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. And purely based on a DREAM.
  2. Four parts? I don't trust it.
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  3. Get her ass Tiffany!


    Also, Part 3 of the reunion better just be a live reaction viewing of ‘Housewife & the Hustler.’ Otherwise, what is the point?
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  5. The scene where Joyce begs her not to hex her family... It was genuinely surreal, I think only Athena X from Sydney outmatched her, truly a legend in the making that got robbed.
  6. Sutton getting carted around in the wheelchair was icon behavior.
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  7. They need to dump Rinna. Useless!!!! Dorit deserves to be on the chopping block too, despite how much I love her. Crystal deserves a second shot, but with the option of demotion if she doesn't add anything during early filming.
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  8. I agree with everything you said. Yes this season was great, but I don’t think that means you don’t need to tweak the cast to freshen it up. Dorit and a potential demotion for Crystal frees up space for new blood. I think this season proved a friend for Garcelle is vital. Sheree Zampino is ready to go and should be an easy choice.

    I know Rinna is a lifer no matter what, but for her to fit they need people willing to hold her accountable. This is where I think a Kim return would come in handy. Erika’s story will be played out when this season ends. Kim would be a spark plug for drama with Rinna, forcing Kyle to choose a side. Kathy won’t allow Kyle to side with Rinna against Kim again.
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  9. Oh, the Kim idea is clever. Although it doesn't seem like she's in the best place currently. But I agree if they're gonna keep Rinna someone needs to hold her accountable. A wedge between the Flop Force would be a cherry on top.
  10. That DeL mAr hotel looks haunted as fuck. Garcelle clocked it.
  11. I'm all down for Kim making random appearances but the show is not good for her. It would make me genuinely sad to her back in the public eye like that.
  12. I second this. I remember the Paris scenes with the enabler were very uncomfortable to watch. The show is not good for Kim. And now looking at Kathy + Kyle's dynamic and relationship unfolding in the latest season while she's not part of it, if she's now a viewer, I'm sure it isn't good for her either - since she's not close to them anymore?

    I just don't think she should be back at all.
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  13. In Black History Month as well...
  14. Wait nn. I was talking about the hotel staff, but you're so right. Wheeling Miss Sutton.
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  15. I don´t really see the purpose of Kathy in this show... in the first few episodes she was kind of funny but her whole schtick feels so overly fabricated and there would never be the chance of her getting into a confrontation. Like we get it, you´re kooky.

    This is a reality tv series...I want some reality. Instead everyone tries to selfproduce - I really hope with the reunion they go at Erika.

  16. [​IMG]
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  19. To a certain level I'd agree, I think it's not that annoying, even though sometimes it's a bit too obvious, she managed to make Kyle less annoying (which is an admirable feat) and her schtik still feels way less forced than Rinna (which I am aware it's not a hard feat at all), so as a Friend of it's fine in my opinion, the issue is the group mentality of the flop stray cats.

    I honestly cannot stomach Rinna anymore, another seasons of her laughing at her corny jokes and trying to get into drama giving absolutely moronic reasoning... Enough
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