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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Kathy is 100% acting on this show, but I do think she’s been more entertaining as time goes on. She’s slowly opening up and I can see her opinions. For one, it doesn’t seem like she can stand Dorit and she seems to have an interesting friendship with Garcelle. I’d like to see more of her, particularly Kathy with Kim and Kyle together.

    I also think this past weeks cast trip was special because she threw it. Had the other girls been in charge I’m sure we’d have something that was more new money, but I loved the luxury of the hotel she chose and the type of events she had for the ladies.
  2. Kathy loathes Dorit and Dorit really has no idea.
  3. Seeing them facetime really took me out the episode, what an unexpected pairing
  4. After I got over the idea Kathy wasn't going to be some domineering den mother that terrified the whole cast, I've actually grown to like Kooky Kathy. Maybe it is all an act but its a hell of a lot more charismatic than Dorit, Rinna and Erika combined. I think Kathy's approach is fine for a FoH role.
  5. With Kathy looking like she was wondering how Dorit got her number in the first place.
  6. I think Dorit knows Kathy can’t stand her, but she doesn’t want that smoke. I notice Rinna also seems to stay out of her way. I don’t think Kathy likes either one of them. She seems to gravitate towards the girls that are themselves and not playing up for the cameras.
  7. Kathy doing a full face of makeup while Dorit droned on and on via FaceTime, queen shit.
  8. Having watched a few episodes of Kathy on I want to be a Hilton on YouTube she’s Defo acting or had a total personality transplant. But I do enjoy her on RHOBH a hope she brings more realness next season. Although I don’t think anyone would disagree or take her on
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  9. I don’t believe for a second that Kathy is just cool with Rinna despite her treatment of Kim and I’m a bit disappointed she hasn't acknowledged it, on camera anyway. You know Kathy will have Kim’s back like a real sister.
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  10. I do think what we are seeing is Kathy being her true self, though she could be dialing it up a bit or two for the comedy in situations. I would love to see her grill Rinna about her treatment of Kim, maybe that’ll get brought up in the reunion but I won’t hold my breath.
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  11. I mean look how Kathy did Kyle with American Woman lol. She didn’t call her to discuss it, she just cut her off. I feel like that’s what she’s doing with Rinna, just being cordial, but she slipped up when Kyle said Rinna was waiting on them.
  12. It was more than American woman. Mauricio also used to work with Rick on real estate and left and took clients I think so there was that also. I think Kathy came on to change peoples perceptions after the Paris documentary and is playing this kooky inoffensive role. Also she has said in interviews that she won’t be returning until she sees how she is edited by producers throughout the season so bravo know to keep her sweet
  13. Kooky Kathy has been a success, whether truth or not.
    In the scene where her and Kyle discussed American Woman, there is real emotion and power in the relationship and them. The history, and Kathy crying in the confessional was terribly touching. How dare RHOBH show some heart.
  14. The funny thing is that Paris stated in an NPR interview that she places absolutely no blame on her parents for what happened with the school. My husband listened to Paris' interview on his way to work shortly after we watched it. She makes it clear that most parents were misled about what the school did and were told that the "midnight kidnapping" was necessary tough love to discipline difficult unruly children.

    Kathy didn't even know about the solitary confinement until one of the documentarians told her.

    I do think she felt the need to do the show to rehabilitate her image but the irony is that the only person who has any reason to hold resentment towards her....just doesn't.
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  15. I saw a comment on how Erika constantly moves as if she's in a neck brace and now I can't unsee it.
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  16. I guess it’s hard to turn your head when your neck is made of BRASS.
  17. WHOMST of you here made this?

  18. The way this video could probably be like 30 minutes if they got everything.
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  19. ASDJDF this made me scream. She does this when she lies too...
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  20. Not shocking casting rumor going around Twitter:

    Filming is set to start next month with the same cast. Nobody is being tested and nobody is leaving.
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