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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. - They only gave us two scenes of the flop force together this year, and I appreciate that.
    - Kyle stirring the shit over an unfilmed conversation with Sutton, and it leading to Erika not even speaking during the finale dinner, she blew the storyline (like Brandy did last finale with Denise).
    - Rinna is a troll to the show, let alone trolling them off it.
    - Can Kathy bring Eliiot on as an offical Friend Of next year please?
    - "As I said all along, I'm here to support Erika, not defend!"... NO YOU DIDN'T KOYLE
    - Erika looked so uncomfortable in that final table gathering, it was delicious.
    - Sutton, gosh I just love her
    - Garcelle, Sutton, Kyle, Kathy and Erika had a great season (Erika, beause of how much of a fucking terrible human being she is), Crystal a strong first season which is a good springboard for the future, Dorito, hmmmm a non-entitiy for ten episodes, demote her, and Rinna, bin her! (They'll all be back though, those ratings).

    I eagerly await the reunion.
  2. One thing I hope for next season is that the girls get over this fear of Erika. As she imploded we realized this Big Bad Wolf act ain’t worth a damn. I don’t want any more tip toeing around her.

    I’m really hoping the dynamic shifts next season. I don’t care how it shifts, but I don’t want Erika: continued to carry the next season. Hopefully the reunion lives up to its hype and sets the floor for a strong follow up season.
  3. Erika is getting paid $600,000 a season, and I just can’t help but think how many other housewives who give us SO much more are probably getting paid way less. Ugh.
  4. I think it really comes down to production companies etc, RHONY bar Bethenny, has very low budgets, for example Ramona gets something like 225k/250k? Or something like that, which compared to what Teddi, Fraudrika or Kim's sister get is criminal
  5. My minuscule bit of reporting from last night:

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  6. I wish they’d give Sheree a go as a Friend. She has fit in so well in her guest appearances.
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  7. For the love of god, boot Rinna off the show and bring Denise back.
  8. DAS


    Garcelle, Sutton, Crystal, Kathy, Denise and Kyle (with Dorit as a friend of) would be a pretty good season

    Erika and Rinna need to go after this next season. Rinna has become a complete fake and the fun in her messiness is long gone, especially with her treatment of Denise, Garcelle and Sutton, who all joined the show as long term friends of hers
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  9. So much for the Rinna fued rumours. (Teddi was there also but this fan page thankfully cut her off the photo.)
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  10. I don't know who that woman on the left is but it's certainly not Dorit Kemsley.
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  11. How do Dorit and Rinna not look in the mirror and see how hypocritical they are being? I know damn sure they can’t see the microaggressions they’re committing in this clip alone.
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  12. Rinna makes me nauseous.
  13. Rinna is just so embarrassing. Anytime you see her eyes shift and her mental cogs turning on the "Rinna Mode" she thinks is #girlboss is so cringe.
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  14. I hope Garcelle treats Rinna with that disdainful laugh throughout the whole thing.
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  15. I'm glad it looks like Andy slightly has Garcelle's back at least but Rinna...
  16. Rinna is a demonic bobblehead.
  17. That preview clip made me SO angry! Dorit and Rinna ganging up on Garcelle... Bravo needs to bin them and bring on some actual talent.
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  18. I can’t explain it but Rinna is the exact type of person that could rile me up to pulling a Porsha.
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  19. Kyle literally sitting back and letting those witches dig their own grave.

    PS I expect Andy to show semi-support to Garcelle and Sutton knowing how well they've come across and how well liked they are.

    Twitter is going to be gold with this reunion
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  20. Rinna is actually vile, it’s not fun or entertaining.

    Her treatment of Denise at the last reunion and now Garcelle is disgusting, let’s bring Kim & Brandi back to end her once and for all.
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