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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Kyle was really the black horse of the season. Good for ha.
  2. Dorit going after Andy in that clip? After this season? GURL, you better hold on to that diamond hon….
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  3. I thought Rinna accounted for herself fairly well there, actually. Dorit… well, she tried.
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  4. A good part one! I thought it’d be filler. So happy Garcelle brought up race with Rinna, we all saw the tweet so Rinna was lying through her lips and switched on the charm offensive to save face. So transparent. So fake.

    Erika’s energy was weird. She kept chiming in on the Garcelle stuff when she wasn’t needed. And you can tell even after she’s seen all the episodes, she still has the biggest beef with Sutton?!
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  5. Erika is an insecure bully… always been all bark. She threatens and demeans to try to intimidate and Sutton has always been an easy mark that folds and crumbles when intimidated. That’s her power over Sutton and dynamics like that are often very hard to shift or flip once one personality has become dominant.

    If someone were to really attack Erika, she’d collapse. It’s very much like Bethenny who uses her sharp tongue to intimidate but who can’t handle a worthy challenge. So they go for necks 24/7 to prevent retaliation.

    Rinna is another who looks for the outlier(s) of the group with dominant traits. If you can get them off-balance and without people backing them, you’ve secured your spot of relevancy among your group by taking down a perceived threat. That’s her whole schzitck and fake loyalty bs.

    It’s, unfortunately, corporate dynamics/politics 101.
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  6. Dorit shouting at Garcelle and claiming that Garcelle takes jabs at her to be relevant (???) when Dorit’s only storyline this year was making micro-aggressions towards Garcelle the second half of the season after effectively being a well dressed set-piece in the first half…she’s really determined to burn through all of her goodwill, huh?
  7. I adore the Halloween franchise with all of my heart, but that shameless corporate synergy promo during the reunion was painful.

    The fan who called Dorit ‘Dorito’ while asking Garcelle a question on WWHL killed me.
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  8. Ms Garcelle should have gotten in touch, as I still have screenshots of the messages Rinna was liking back in May...

    And we know she damn well runs her own accounts
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  9. Rinna was a mess. A highlight was Kyle even laughing at Rinna's monologue towards Garcelle.
  10. Sutton saying her business has grown excrementally.

    I don't know a better woman. Come on, poop!
  11. Who's betting the peace between Binna and Garcelle doesn't even last until Part 4 of the Reunion?

    I mean, that smirk at the end...
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  12. I’m assuming it’s because, in her eyes, Lisa is the only friend she has left on the show so she felt the need to stick up for her. But yeah it came across as very odd.
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  13. She's planting the seeds for Rinna going after Garcelle for the "Tom calls you everyday" comment when that comes up.
  14. The way Rinna and Dorit spoke to Garcelle... the sheer desperation to try and have a moment (and a storyline) and earn their diamonds after coasting the whole season. Dorit telling Garcelle that "she threw jabs to make herself relevant"...

  15. Garcelle is way too cool and just doesn’t care about them. And they are desperate to have a moment with someone who is interesting (especially Rinna). Lisa always gets to be even more insufferable than the last episode. Somehow.

    I love Sutton.
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  16. A pretty good and well paced start to the reunion I felt. The topics were all interesting and kept things fresh for what could easily have been warm up filler over a four part slog.

    Erika seems a lot of more composed than she's been for the rest of the season, likely she's been debriefed to the high heavens by legal although I can see this crumbling fast. She's just not a good liar.

    Rinna is a write off. Just utterly lost in service to the Temple of Bravo, where sacrifice and soulless devotion to the show are all that matter now. Her aggressive cartoon antics followed by sickly sweet, hug it out charm are just the worst kind of auto-pilot panto.

    Its no longer entertaining or investible - Garcelle can clearly see through it all and I don't think for one moment she'll be letting Rinna back in.
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  17. "OWN IT!!!"
  18. So it was Koiyle that told Garcelle about the Rinna race thing, right?
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