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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Also I can't at Rinna trying to drag Garcelle over Denise, Garcelle said she couldn't trust trust Rinna after she threw Denise under the bus all of the sudden and Garcelle mentioned Denise in the confessionals over the way they literally dragged her for an alleged one night stand while they kissed the butt over someone who were involved in an extremely horrendous legal situation (with proof that they most likely knew something off was going on). Plus Garcelle at the finale only said that it would be nice if Rinna reached out to apologize? They all know each other for 20 years and were friendly, so it's not petty or shady. The Flop Force Five are genuinely so detached from reality that it is uncanny almost.
  2. Rinna really thought she was doing something, saying she was hurt by what Garcelle said on WWHL about Denise wanting to come back if Rinna goes. Garcelle never said that was HER opinion, which she apparently clarified with Rinna afterwards via text, but of course she decided to bring it up again (hypocrite cause she was being passive aggressive with Garcelle and the “bully” word). And then once that flopped, she had to revert back to what she knows best… being fake and phoney and acting like she loves Garcelle. Ugh. She grates me to the bone.
  3. And that bullshit about Harry asking “what happened to Garcelle?”… Sis what happened to your monster of a wife? The nerve to say that Garcelle looks unhappy when she’s in a cast with two of the most miserable and bitter housewives nn
  4. I hope Rinna is getting these lashings all across the web.
  5. Rinna needs to go but I wouldn't be surprised if the blind item I read is true - she won't be fired because the "products she has launched during the show make her very valuable to the channel in the long run".

    No idea what her "products" actually are because I zone out when she opens her mouth and I didn't see the seasons from early season 6 until last season.

    Harry Hamlin has a nerve calling Garcelle "miserable". She seems like a very happy person (when she's not around Rinna) who is bringing up a nice, happy family and has genuine friends who love her.
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  6. Considering Rinna's tendency to warp the very core or reality to suit her narrative better, he probably asked why she was crying at that dinner table and of course she took it and ran.

    I loved Garcelle's ''I don't check out, I SHOW UP'', also Erika needs to shut up, I read they are raising her pay for next season... why is this franchise so rotten? They really get so many free passes
  7. Okay but I'm still laughing about Erika's deranged boat rant about how she's ABOUT SHUTTIN' UP!! JUST SHUT UP!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!! THAT'S WHAT I'M ABOUT!! JUST SHUT UP!!
  8. Ms Erika thinks because she's sat next to Andy she can chime in on everything.
    Girl, Shut Up, you'll get what's coming to you when Andy makes Sutton reveal whatever vile threat she's so far refused to repeat.
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  9. Thats her best moment on the show tbh...
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  10. Garcelle holds her composure so well against these ladies. Dorit going from 0 to 100. Erika just chiming in randomly for no reason and you can tell by Kyle’s faces who she agrees with.
  11. Kyle looked like she waiting for Garcelle to pull out the texts she sent saying Rinna said what we all know she said lmao.

    Also, did anybody else peep that Rinna made the same face she made when she lied that she never said Kim was near death?
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  12. I don’t think Erika has that much leverage for a pay rise, this is her only source of income and a good one at that. She won’t walk.
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  13. I'm...

    enjoying Erika at the reunion.

    Lisa and Dorit can rot!
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  14. I actually think Garcelle would do better on any other franchise, to be honest. It's clear as day that she has no actual interest in having a real friendship with literally any of these women bar Sutton (and maybe Krystal), but BH has always been about keeping appearances, the fake apologies, the forced "moving forward." She plays the game enough to keep her own sanity, but I really wish she would just rip into these girls and not hold back (oh at all). I get why she's doing what she's doing, and I recognize that she knows what show she is on. But damn. How enjoyable would it be for her to say "I will remain cordial with you because you are my co-worker and I am forced to go on trips and have fake dinners with you but I literally don't like you at all and I have no desire to adjust that feeling."
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  15. I am actually enjoying her and Kyle's growing friendship, and Kathy's complete respect for her. It feels genuine, which is rare, but I need to see Kyole step up and defend her next time they attack.
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  16. Yeah, Rinna needs to go. She is such a toxic, horrid woman and is no fun to watch. She has a hugely overinflated ego which does not match up with who she actually is and what she brings to the able. That must be very frustrating and clearly manifests in the sheer nastiness and duplicity she brings to the screen.

    Erika, for her multitude of sins, has brought storyline in spades. Dorit needs to drop the flops and have an actual storyline. If not she should go - her fashion is fine, but even that’s felt a little played out this season and lacking in fun and flair. I’d be here for a Dorit takedown season - her house is fully built on sand.

    Kyle has had a great season. I think the fact she’s on the couch with G & S speaks volumes! Crystal I think deserves a second crack of the whip - especially now she’s aligned herself with the queens of BH, Garcelle and Sutton. Garcelle and Sutton have my heart. I also love seeing a friendship like theirs onscreen - warm, supportive, willing to grow together. The five could never.
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  17. I wonder if Carlton can even watch her favourite horror franchise, Halloween Kills.

    Kyle has the best scenes in the movie.
  18. Watched Halloween Kills with my boyfriend last night and was kinda shook by how much screen time Kyle had and the fact she actually did a pretty good job? I even found myself rooting for her nn.
  19. Same. I was super impressed especially during her big scene. I also lowkey was shook that
    of all the original side characters to return, she’s the one who survived.
  20. Filming the sequel and getting bangs again is gonna be her next season storyline isn’t it…
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