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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Definitely the worst episode of the season. Yikes. I hope this shows the production company precisely what works and does not work about this cast.
  2. The Dorit and Rinna segments felt redundant. I would've much rather it been split between Erika and the history of Kyle and Kathy (and Kim), which to me, is super intriguing. I'd be very interested to see Kathy speak about the show's history and how the relationships between the sisters has changed over time. In addition to how she feels about Rinna going after Kim for so many years.
  3. I am curious to know about the tea of RHOBH from the book (the two that got posted on Reddit are either boring (LVZZZ and the dog) or absolutely made up, like Rinna claiming Denise Richards went to dinner with the RHOC girls and asked them if they could sit on their face, sure Jan)
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  4. Rinna peddling that Biphobic shite as always
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  5. Unanswered questions that should be in that book that just won't be:
    - Did Carlton curse Koyle's laptop?
    - Where did the full dinner party of Dorit's disappear to after dinner?
    - What does Erika go through at night, apart from stealing from burns victims, wydows and œrphans?
    - Why didn't Eden get another chance as Friend Of?
    - How did Teddi get three seasons?
    - Why did the producers ignore this mess?

    - How did Yolanda end up carrying Kim's shit stained blanket around an airport?

    I'm so glad we had a flashback to legendary Miss Carlton. She still makes Koyle so uneasy, the dark-sided power she has on her.

    Child of the World's segment about how löng-weendihd she is showing a total of zero scenes of her actually blabbing and just a recollection of Garcelle and Koyle talking about her was funny to me.

    Also, Denise's arch on the show still feels like a fever dream.
  7. Carlton's cameo this week was the highlight, hands down. Missing her.
  8. Denise literally doing nothing on her second season and leaving the flop stray cats pressed was actually great, an anti Housewives experience if you ask me.
  9. I thought the reunion was fine? Not Scamrika almost convincing me with her 'stories'. It's all so rehearsed. Andy sent her the questions via Whatsapp prior to filming for damn sure.
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  10. Rinna's segment felt so labored and I think I would have noticed even if I didn't loathe her? Andy asking the housewives what they thought of Amelia and Scott's breakup like it was at all relevant to the season says it all about Rinna's place in this cast.
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  11. Pretty much everything Rinna was asked had to do with something off the show. Amelia and Scott, what celebrities she interacts with on instagram, that scene with Eileen, how Lois is doing… and all of it was boring.
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  12. Edu


    So today I was happily listening to a comedy podcast while cleaning my house when suddenly a commercial came up. A really dark commercial for a true crime podcast. A true crime podcast... Hosted by influencer Teddi Mellencamp.

    In the words of Crystal Minkoff, I felt violated.
  13. Who’s gonna tell ha the only true crime is her recipe for lettuce tacos
  14. Garcelle and Sutton have been filming in Miami the last two days for a Haiti fundraiser they're attending. At least it confirms both are back!
  15. That’s great to hear. If they lost either (or both) the show would be dead. It’d be pointless to watch.
  16. 13 amazing minutes, deserved to be watched again and again.

    Kim's "Well you have" after Lisa thought she was giving herself a moment in Amsterdam, chills.
  17. Kim really had Lisa so fucking pressed. It's so weird seeing Erika go off on Rinna after seasons of ass kissing.
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  18. Allegedly, Leah Remini is in talks to join the show. There was a tip off to Deuxmoi about it (the Real Housewives tea is usually accurate) but with all the current cast confirmed to return, I can't see her joining as a friend?
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  19. I saw some Twitter users freaking out because Dorit's been in London while the rest of the cast is allegedly filming already. I do wonder how solid the new season cast is?
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  20. Kyle is with Dorit and PK in London. Maybe they’re filming too? Although I doubt it. It’s also a bit of an odd choice for them to visit London while the UK covid cases are skyrocketing ddd.

    I saw that about Leah Remini too @1991, I wonder if it’s true? I’d love to see her on the show, but she’d probably be another Denise.

    I can see the whole cast returning and I don’t think Bravo would shell out for a high profile addition when the current cast must be pretty expensive.
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