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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I can't believe they're going to start showing 'New Jersey' on Channel 4 from next week! That surprised me seeing as Real Housewives is normally on shitty Sky channels over here but at the same time it has been pretty controversial and a ratings winner in the U.S. so I'm happy about it being picked up.

    I also love my new avatar, as much as I hate Shit By Sheree, that moment was classic.
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  2. justabluefox

    justabluefox Guest

    I still can't stop watching the show! I will give Kim a little credit her hair is looking a bit better.

    Is your avatar the "Who Gon' Check Me, Boo?" moment!? EDIT: It Is! I loved that moment!
  3. I find all the Housewives shows ridiculously addictive. Annoyingly the only one I'm not hooked on is NJ.

    With Atlanta I hated Kim last season but have really grown to like her this year. I don't believe she's a 'habitual liar' as the others claim and it's pretty obvious Lisa and Sheree are the big shit stirrers of the group. Kim's hair looks miles better this year as well. I loved NeNe last season, but she's annoying me this time around. If she really wanted to regain her friendship with Kim she wouldn't then go and bitch about her to Lisa and Sheree, or follow her out of a restaurant and hold onto her while Shit By Sheree 'shifts' her wig. Kandi's great though, miles more interesting than DeYawn.

    Haha I loved that moment too, 'What ever happened to...customer service?'
  4. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

  5. justabluefox

    justabluefox Guest

    ^ We agree on things then Smoke! And I can watch that all day Charley!!

    The New Jersey Housewives were crazy, I watched them every week. "Prostitution Whore! You were fucking engaged 19 times!" I basically love all of Bravo's shows.

    That sucks that you have to try and find a place to watch them online. Maybe they'll put the Atlanta ones on Channel 4 soon!
  6. I wish Bravo over here was like in the US. In the UK it caters to straight men so it's all about cars, criminals and topless porn stars.Boo to that, I want Housewives and Kathy Griffin!
  7. Bravo is definitely my favorite network.

    It has some quality shows that are legitimately good and others that, while trashy, can at least be guilty pleasures. I love Kathy Griffin's My Life On The D-List and, while embarassing, also enjoy The Rachel Zoe Project and Flipping Out. Though I will say that NYC Prep and Miami Social are fucking awful and I don't know what they were thinking.

    I never got in to the 'Real Housewives..' series, though I did happen to see the season finale of the last series with the chick from New Jersey who went apeshit and almost flipped a dining room table over. Absolutely amazing.
  8. Well we're getting "..Housewives.." on Channel 4 next week and we always have E! for Ms. Griffin.
  9. I'm pretty certain they're two totally unrelated channels.

    The C4 ad for this has a really annoying quote from one of the housewives - "I really don't like you as a person". As a person? But she likes her as a hippo?!
  10. I'm pissed the C4 advert doesn't have 'PROSTITUTION WHORAHHH!! You were fucking engaged 19 times?!!'
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  11. I cant wait for the reunion. in ATL, its weird how Nene was my favorite last year and she's become increasingly annoying as this season progressed. All the positive attention she has gotten has really gone to her head. Shes all "Hollywood" now. Kim still delivers the goods despite being a crazy bitch. And I've really taken a liking to Kandi. She is so sweet.
  12. It's all about Kim & Kandi for me this season, NeNe seems to have gotten way too big (literally) for her boots this season. I'm surprised to hear the rumours that Shit By Sheree is being axed this season, I mean I don't like her much but there's no denying she brings the drama. Lisa on the other hand is one of the most pointless human beings ever.

    I love Bonnie and Niecy's spoofs! I've seen them both so many times and they're still as funny as hell!
  13. I've been watching some of the "New Jersey" series on channel 4 (UK) and boy is it addictive. So crazy and trashy - it's like "The Hills" done right, replacing young blonde airheads with middle-aged, over surgeried mothers and wives. Genius.

    This whole saga with one of the housewives' past being in a book that insinuated she was involved in mob crime and prostitution, and the other ones hating her... And then everything boiling over at a dinner party with tables being thrown around... Brilliant stuff. You couldn't make it up. I'm watching the reunion just now, ha!
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  14. I'm so glad RHofOC season 5 starts tonight! I know a lot of people feel it's a bit more mellow than the other shows but I love it! Vicki and Tamra are all kinda of amazing, shame Jeana's leaving though as she tended to be the mediator of the group, without her there those bitches are going to be pulling hair like crazy!
  15. justabluefox

    justabluefox Guest

    I love the Orange County series too. I can't believe Gretchen is with Slade now!

    But yeah, i will be watching. It really is a guilty pleasure but I just can't stop!
  16. Is that the "Prostitution Whore" thing? I saw a clip of it on Youtube and it was AMAZING.

    Between that and the "Tardy For the Party" thread, I think I'd like to give these shows a try. Where should I start? There are about five of them, right? Which is funniest? Also, do the different shows interact at all (ie should I watch a certain one first in case characters cross over?)
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  17. There hasn't been any 'crossovers' that I can think of but they have referenced other housewives on some of the shows. You'd probably be best to start off with Orange County as it was the first and there is more of it BUT I'll warn you the first 3 seasons can be pretty dull at times (Tammy, Kimberley and Quinn are fucking snoozefests), but season 4 is fantastic and you'll wonder how you ever lived without Vicki Gunvalson in your life (seriously!) OC is a lot more mellower than the other shows but it's by no means less entertaining, it's just not as ridiculously nasty as Atlanta, as bitchy as NYC or as ridiculous as New Jersey.
  18. *wikis*
    8 episodes a season? That's not too bad, I was expecting 20-odd episodes per season to catch up on! I'll start with OC then, thanks very much.

    Edit: Oops, I see now that the number of episodes increases season-by-season. Still, the most is 15 or so and that's still manageable!
  19. No problem. The episode numbers go up as the seasons progress though, the last season of OC had 14 episodes and the final episode of Atlanta season two is on tonight which is episode 15. Good luck with it, but I warn you, once you begin it can become pretty addictive after a while! Whatever you do do NOT watch episodes of NYC one after the other without being prepared to have a major headache afterwards, all that bitching gets too much after a while!

    Random question but who is everyones favourite housewives over the shows? Sadly I can't say I really like any of the women from NJ but my favourites definatly on the other shows are:

    Vicki Gunvalson (OC)
    Tamra Barney (OC)
    Ramona Singer (NYC - as featured in my avatar)
    Kim Zolciak (ATL)
    Kandi Burruss (ATL)

    Throw in Bethenny Frankel or creepy-assed Silex (NYC) and that could make for the best Housewives series ever.
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