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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I'm honestly loving this latest season of Orange County (though I know a lot of people disagree and are saying it's boring etc) but I always liked how this original series is a bit lighthearted compared the the other cities. The only things that are bugging me this year is that a) Gretchen is still there b) the new housewife Alexis is really frustrating ("We put God first in our lives, then ourselves, then our children" Your children last, really?) and c) that Lynne's daughters are still breathing. They're both the biggest wastes of space on reality TV.

    Oh and I really DID NOT need to see Slade Slimey naked in a cock sock *vomits*

    Kim and NeNe flipped in the seasons, for sure. I LOVED NeNe in season one, I didn't think she could put a foot wrong but then it seems her ego got control of her. Which isn't really a bad thing as Kim was really able to shine in season two, I think we saw the real her compared to the drag queen mess we saw in season one.

    I was sad when it was confirmed Jeana was leaving the show, she was always the peacemaker between the other women and like you said was always a bit nuts, but to be honest I don't miss her actually. I think her time was up on the show, now. Plus did you see the fight at Lynne's trunk show in the season premiere? She just took everyone's leftovers and sat there through the fight. Plus I can actually understand why Vicki never loaned her the money, because Jeana always slates Vicki for working too hard but Vicki doesn't let her money control her like Jeana does, which is why V is the only OC housewife this year that doesn't have some sort of money struggle. New housewife Alexis....meh.

    At the time I loved NJ for the drama, but looking back the one thing I found was I didn't really like any of the women on the show. Teresa was fun and the table flip was insane, Jacqueline was sweet and I had an odd interest in Danielle but other than that there was no one who I really 'felt' for. But if they pull another table flip out of the bag this year then it may all change of course. Did you know Jaq's daughter has been to court for ripping out Danielle's hair extensions? 'PROSTITUTION WHO-RE!' That's the one thing I always find amazing about these shows. How they can go from best friends to worst enemies between seasons!

    It's all about batshit crazy Ramona on NYC for me. My avatar on here was here and her crazy eyes a while back!
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    Oh my god I LIVED for 'PROSTITUTION WHO-RE!' a few months back! As for the women, I loved Theresa, kind of like the Jersey version of Kim in that they are both ditsy but lovable and make questionable parenting choices. Danielle's story was just too good to be true, straight out of The Sopranos! Dina and Caroline were great too. And "LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT MY FAMILY! WE ARE AS THICK AS THEIVES AND WE PROTECT EACH OTHER UNTIL THE VERY END!!" will always have a special place in my heart. And as for Jacqueline, she needs to make like Deshaun and HIT THE ROAD! The only reason to keep her on the show would be for Danielle to have an ally against Dina and Caroline. I really cannot wait for season 2. The first season was like a supernova, it was just SO explosive I don't know how they will ever top it!

    And to me, I like all four a lot and for different reasons. But my favorites in order would have to be: 1. ATL 2. NJ 3. OC 4. NYC

    And did you hear they are doing Real Housewives of Washington D.C.? Apparently it is going to star that couple that broke into the White House a few weeks back and they are trying to get some wives of senators. D.C. could either be dreadfully boring or totally explosive! I want to see some senator caught by one of the housewives in a sex scandal! Hopefully Bravo can pull one out of the bag with D.C.
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    I do believe I read that they already have a season's worth of footage on the Salahis and that the White House crashing would be the season finale!
  4. Well the thing is Jacqueline now actually hates Danielle so it's pretty messed up to me. Like you said Jaq should hit the road but as much as I did like Danielle how is this season going to work if all the other women hate her? The cast always get together for a party of sorts for the very last episode and I think this years on NJ could be extreme - I wouldn't be surprised if Teresa stabbed Danielle this time!

    I like NYC, especially at first as it's so bitchy but after a while it kind of gives you a headache because all they do every episode is bitch about one another non-stop. And Jill has to be the most annoying person on TV, I don't understand why so many people like her at all.

    DC should be interesting, especially if the Salahi(?) couple make it onto the show, but the first seasons of RH can either be two things, dull or amazing. ATL and NJ both had amazing first seasons, the others not so much.
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    Oh my god. This is going to be all kinds of crazy! Now with 5 spins offs my life will be consumed by these crazy, middle-aged women!! But then again, I'd rather be obsessed with the Housewives than the "Hills" girls any day.

    I'm shocked they never did Real Housewives of Miami! Some fiesty and sexy Latina women to spice things up! That, and I thought they would have done one in Texas, maybe Houston or something.

    And I always wonder if they will ever do an international version of the show. Like, Real Housewives of London or something. I don't know if the American audience would want to watch though, but I'd love to see some crazy British bitches fighting over a cup of tea! Bahahaha!
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    If anyone ever got stabbed or shot on the Real Housewives my life would be complete. Not that I would want the to DIE per say. Just get stabbed and survive for the sake of the show!

    And yeah, I don't know how season 2 of New Jersey will work. Unlike the other shows, the Jersey women seem very real and like they actually know/care/ hang out together more than just the occasional lunch date. The other 4 women are basically family and Dina and Caroline have wiped their hands of Danielle. Unless they are going to force her into situations with the other women I don't see how Danielle will continue to start drama on the show. Because Caroline definitely isn't having that shit from her! I wouldn't be surprised if they went the way of O.C. and NYC and add another housewife to freshen things up.

    And I agree about Jill, she is SO annoying! Love Bethanny, she was CLASSIC in her confrontation with Kelly at the bar. For me, NYC is all about Ramona, Alex (who is NYC's version of Vicki and Sheree) and Kelly. And I was just on Wikipedia and they are adding TWO new housewives to NYC! Sonja Morgan, will be the seventh housewife and Jennifer Gilbert I guess will replace Bethanny halfway through the next season as Bethanny now has her own show.
  7. I love Bethenny too, she's fucking funny but the one thing I really dislike about her is that she can dish out criticism of everyone so easily yet can not take any criticism of herself at all. The Countess (or Cuntess as she's known online) annoys me as does Kelly I have to say and despite my hatred for Alex and Simon at first, they're creepily amazing to watch. There's just something about how strange they are that keeps me hooked! I did hear about the 2 new housewives, I think I read they're reserves or something, one of course for Bethenny and another because they're likely to axe The Countess by the end of this season. Although I'm not a fan of Kelly 'We're not friends. I'm here and you're here' will go down as one of the best moments on reality TV ever. For all the wrong reasons, though!

    I wouldn't be surprised if a friend of Danielle's joined NJ, or are we expected to just watch her and her kids every episode? Gotta say I really despise Dina, I don't know, she's like the high school popular bitch that thinks she's better than everyone else. That's how I see her on the show anyway. I literally cringed when she asked the blatantly gay assistant whether she could pay him by other means if she was low on cash one week.
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    Oh I hate the Cuntess as well, she's such an uppity bitch who thinks she knows it all. Plus she's always pushing that damn "etiquette" book. As for Kelly, I HATED her while I watched the season. But looking back I realize that the show would not have been half as entertaining without her on it. The fight with Bethanny was classic, and the Halloween Party incident was amazing too. I actually cannot believe someone could be THAT airheaded! She is easily the dumbest housewife from ANY of the shows. Like at the NYC reunion she was denying everything, acting like it never happened, and being a total bitch to Andy! She is great TV, but she is a pretty horrible person from what they show of her on TV.
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    Two of Paris Hilton’s aunts will be starring in the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

    More information on Kim and Kyle Richards and a third Real Housewife here!
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    WOW! That should be interesting!

    Am I the only one who feels there are getting to be too many spin offs? There is already 4, then DC and Beverly Hills would make 6! Plus, Beverly Hills is SO close to OC! I think they should have spread it out more! Miami would have been perfect! Or maybe one in Texas or Chicago, maybe even London!

    This is all going to be A LOT to keep up with! I think Bravo should reconsider, this is how VH1 killed themselves in the last few years. They took the brilliant Flavor Of Love and made a bazillion spin offs! I mean, I Love New York and Rock Of Love were fine, but now we have contestants of contestants of contestants getting shows!

    Anyway, if anyone is still reading this long ass post, I say all that to say, Bravo may be killing their own brand with all these spin offs. Or maybe I'm wrong, and the more the better! Haha!
  11. It's official! Real Housewives of the UK is happening, a production company (Leopard films? I think?) are currently casting for the show.
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    The new season of New Jersey starts tonight! Anyone else excited?

    Ah! Exciting!
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  15. Oh my god you guys, I think I've got into this! I've been reading your big essays so I decided to watch Real Housewives NY and I love it! It's like a million times better than The Hills! I've only watched a couple of random episodes from the new season but I love Kelly, she's quite imposing. Bethenny has the scariest, most botoxed face ever.
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    Yay! We've converted one person! haha! I'm actually surprised that more people on here don't like The Real Housewives, it's the kinda thing the PJ crowd usually loves.

    And Bethanny DOES have a scary face, but I still love her anyway. Especially this season I love her more than ever in her battle with Jill.

    Kelly comes across much better this season than when she first came on the show. Regardless, I still think she is a crazy bitch!
  17. Okay so I decided to watch from the start but then I read this page and decided to watch New Jersey instead since you said the housewives were realer and genuine friends. I'm four episodes in (not yet got to the insane table flip but I know it's coming and I can't wait) and I love it! I think this will definitely be more my cup of tea than NY because on that all the women seemed to do was bitch, bitch, bitch, and you need some element of them being friends at least occasionally.

    Caroline is pretty fierce but also doesn't quite bring enough drama (yet). Dina is totally the high school bitch everybody wants to be. Danielle is hilarious, completely insecure and maddeningly self-absorbed but it's good viewing. Jacqueline is my favourite I think, I can't believe she's practically 40. Bitch has aged well! And Teresa I don't feel I've seen enough of yet. She seems to have moments of utter stupidity which are amusing though. I loved the woman at that agency Wilhelmina's blatantly trying to appease her after she got that really tarty photoshoot done for the little brat Gia.
  18. OH MY GOD. I just watched the season 1 finale of New Jersey. Was that HIGH FUCKING DRAMA or what?! Teresa is totally my favourite of the lot now, she just lost her shit big time and it was so unexpected and my jaw hit the floor and I couldn't recover! I think I'm on a post-life-altering moment high as I type this.
  19. I've only watched NJ, are the others better/as good? Recommend me!
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    Yeah I like NJ more than NYC, though I have to say the current (third) season of NYC is fucking wild, possibly the best housewives season ever. I'd suggest getting back into NYC, the first season is pretty boring, but the second is a lot better (that's when I really got into it) and the new season is 24/7 drama and fighting.

    Haha! It is definitely one of the best TV moments EVER! Teresa is such a legend for that table flip. I can't even imagine how they will possibly top it.

    Well they are all good for different reasons. But I'd deffo suggest Atlanta, it's the most over the top out of all the housewives shows, the fighting is crazy and all the characters are totally outrageous.

    NYC is also great, though I'd start in season 2 and move from there. The first season was a bit dry.

    OC is the original, and even though some people say it's the most boring, I really like it. Similar to NYC, it's gotten better over time, seasons 3-5 have been excellent.

    But yeah, start with Atlanta and move from there. You will fall in love with Kim and NeNe.
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