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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Is there anyway for people in the UK to watch this online. Not sure if I'm looking in the right places but I can't find and it sounds like my kinda show.
  2. Agh thank you! Will start watching tomorrow.
  3. Charley

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  4. We did, yes. They played a clip of it on the season 5 OC reunion which also led to Gretchen announcing she's bought the rights to some music which includes (get this) Jo De La Rosa's music! It's not enough she bagged Jo's slimy on/off boyfriend, she also owns some of the rights to her music now! According to Gretchen Jo didn't even know this. Ho.
  5. When is New Jersey back on in the UK?
  6. Charley

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  7. 3Xs


    How amazing was this last season of NYC? Like seriously, it could have been the best in Housewives history!

    I can't get enough of this from the (insane) reunion:

    Also this season of Jersey keeps getting juicier. Similar to last season, it looks like everything is leading to an explosive finale.
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  8. I loved the NY reunion, so so good! I'm so glad Ramona told Jill how it is, I do love Ramona so much, if she has a problem with you she will let you know! haha.

    I've been bored of NJ up until episode 7, will be interesting to see the aftermath of the Country Club fight and how much of Ashley/Danielle's court case is covered.
  9. What is Real Housewives? Is it a reality show and is it worth a watch?
  10. it's a series of reality shows and yes it seriously is worth watching. There's Real Housewives of Orange County (5 seasons), New York (3 seasons), Atlanta (2 seasons) and New Jersey (currently in it's second season).
  11. Thanks! Which one is the best to start watching. I can't believe there are so many different variations and seasons. I've always read about it on Perez but never researched any more into it.
  12. It really depends as everyone tends to favour some and not like others or just like them all like me.
    OC is the original and is a lot more glamorous (when they're not being evicted from their houses anyway *cough* Lynne *cough*) and bitchy but not violent like the others tend to get. Atlanta is fun, bitchy and kind of aggressive at times and New York is just a total bitchfest which is great but I learnt the hard way that if you watch 3 or so episodes in a row you will end up with a headache.

    New Jersey is the most messed up and volatile of them all, I'm honestly surprised no one has died on it yet because it's pretty homicidal.
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    I loved last night on Jersey when Caroline was giving Albie that pep talk about not giving up on law school, very inspiring and genuine, one of my favorite moments this season.
  14. 3Xs


    Oh my FUCKING GOD I am dead from tonight's episode of RHONJ. DEAD. Easily one of the most intense episodes in Housewives history. I'm so pissed they are making us wait two weeks for the second part of the confrontation/attack! The preview of the next episode looks straight up insane!
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  15. I'm really looking forward to this coming back to UK TV... if it ever does!
  16. I actually felt Danielle's pain when Ashley pulled at her hair in the preview, ouch! The preview looks insane but I'm so pissed at Bravo for making us wait two weeks.
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  17. 3Xs


    Ohhhhhhhhh man, tonight's episode of ROHNJ was off the charts! The hair pull was fantastic and Danielle had me rolling with her overdramatic tears! So fucking insane, can't wait to see what happens now. I do think that Theresa TOTALLY started that fight though, and Ashley had no business sticking herself into that situation. Danielle was totally ridiculous though and deserved that hair pull. "GET AWAY FROM MEEeEEeeEEE!!!!" "I WANT HER ARRESTED!!!!" Fucking lunatic woman.

    Anyway, amazing episode. And on a side note, I'm so happy that Jacqueline is finally coming out of her shell this season, she's really funny right now on Watch What Happens Live.
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  18. RHONJ is so good it is unreal. Why are there not venues in the UK where women run through country clubs fighting and screaming.

    Lets face it no one is the victim here these women love every bit of this show and the drama that follows it.

    This episode was the highest rated non finale episode in history. Is anyone else beyond excited for the reunion? How can these women be in the same room together.
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  19. 3Xs


    ^I am! I can't wait to see Dina confront Danielle about the alleged "real reason" she left the show, should be juicy to say the least.

    I am wondering how they will end this season though, the most explosive moment was mid-season, unless something else insane is happening later on I'm not sure how they will top it.
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