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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

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    Thank goodness she left him at the end of last season. I was so happy when she moved out.
  2. Why did they split up?
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    Because Simon was extremely controlling and always put her down. He even insulted her skills as a mother.
  4. Words can't express how much I can't stand Simon, what a controlling, antagonistic douchebag.

    Tamra seems happy with her new guy, maybe it will work out. I have my doubts (it seems pretty rebound-ish) but she deserves happiness and she certainly wasn't getting that from Simon!
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    *pops pussy*

    From the previews it looks like it could be the best season yet! I can't believe Kim and NeNe are back together AGAIN. This morning Sheree and NeNe were on Wendy Williams and she said that Dwight comes across as very unsympathetic this season. And also, NeNe got some "work" done, which will be detailed this year.

    I'm so excited! ATL is the best.
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    First episode was sensational! Loved every last minute of it. I'm so glad that Kim and NeNe are partners in crime again, and I forgot how much I liked Sheree too, even though she gets a lot of shit I do think she makes GREAT television. Not to mention I nearly DIED when Laurence called Dwight an "old stunt Queen". And speaking of which, Dwight is REALLY in some fuckery this year is he not? Very shady things going on there. I feel bad for NeNe already, which is good because last season she became very unlikable and was overshadowed by Kim.

    Kandi was just kind of "there" again, and her date was about as interesting as watching Kim's wig glue dry out, BUT, I still do like her. I don't know why, she's kind of like the cool calm chick who keeps the others in line but will still set a bitch straight if they cross her. Last season she shut NeNe DOWN during that fight they had, hopefully we get more of that and less of the boring dating/mother storyline.

    I'm LOVE LOVE LOVING the new housewife Phaedra. I love that she's from the same town as NeNe and there's a bit of history there, I can already tell that those two are going to be rivals. The shade being thrown back and forth in this first episode was incredible! Plus the whole "your husband is an ex-con" storyline looks like it will be really juicy.

    As for the other new chick Cynthia, I guess they didn't have time to get to her? From the previews I'm not really DYING to see her anyway. I mean, if they didn't even care to put her in the first episode how interesting can she really be? I'll keep an open mind, I wasn't expecting to like Phaedra as much as I did so maybe Cynthia will give it to me too.

    Overall, this season looks like it will be another smash! THANK YOU ATLANTA.
  7. Does anyone know where I get find a link to the Season 3 of Atlanta?
  8. ^ I have no idea myself sadly

    But I am really liking this season of Atlanta so far. I already have a love/ hate relationship with Phaedra. And I want to know what her husband did to have gone to prison for 6 years! I think he is fine though, haha.

    And I laughed when Kim was like Lady Gaga, Kesha and J. Lo have all performed at the White Party and then was like , "Who is Kesha?"
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    Just got done watching the The Housewives of Beverly Hills debut and from the first episode alone it basically takes a elephant sized shit on the other housewives shows. Sooooo fabulous, sooooo rich, sooooo bitchy. This is what the Housewives series was originally supposed to be about. I feel bad for the OC wives in particular, Beverly Hills makes their show look like the Real Housewives of Compton by comparison.

    I like all 6 women. I thought that they would all be botox bimbos, but they actually have their own unique personalities and I think they'll all make for very interesting TV as the season goes on.
  10. Yes! "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" starts this Sunday on UK TV. Channel 4 at midnight. Not an ideal timeslot but better than nothing. Let the weave pulling and bitching begin!
  11. Just watched episode one. They should really consider a re-title, methinks. "The Real Drag Queens of New Jersey" maybe? This season looks even more insane than the first one. It's pure trash, but I love it.
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    Where did they get that priest Danielle was shouting at? He must have been an actor surely.
  13. Gah, this show is so addictive! Each of the 'housewives' (i.e. drag queens) is like a caricature. Teresa is mental, Caroline is like the fucking Godfather and Danielle is such a drama queen! Dina and the other one seem relatively normal most of the time, but they're still not quite 'right.'

    The whole modelling thing came as a surprise. Danielle's daughter actually does look rather model-esque but she seems so vacant. Teresa seems like one of those delusional stage mums trying to live her showbiz dreams vicariously through her kids, who doesn't seem to be very talented and is in danger of becoming a big headed little madam. The preview showing the fashion show drama looks fun!
  14. I have watched all the episodes of New Jersey and Atlanta and they are both AMAZING.

    New Jersey is probably my favourite, Teresa is hilarious. Has anyone seen the South Park episode where they take the piss out of New Jersey housewives? It's so funny, especially when they're in the salon and Caroline is like 'I'm having my face shaved! It's a Jersey thing!'

    I watched one episode of DC and had to turn it off, it was so boring. That Michaela one was definitely off her tits on coke at the polo racing thing she was at, it was just creepy to watch.
  15. I'm becoming obsessed with Phaedra from Atlanta. She's so real and really does sound like a southern belle.

    "If you act a fool in public, you'll act a fool anywhere."

    And it doesn't hurt that Apollo is FINE!
  16. Kandi's use of the word "boughetto" has
  17. I'd have to agree with ToungeNCheek... these are my real housewives. I think they phrased it best on the show: bugetto (bugie and ghetto)


  18. I am really liking this season of Atlanta. They are my favorite series as well. I like the rest (I haven't seen DC though)

    He is FINE! I'm still having my love/ hate relationship with Phaedra though!
  19. I wasn't sure about new HW Cynthia before but after her 'Please stab me in the neck' during last weeks episode I now have a whole new appreciation for her. Phaedra is fucking crazy delusional, which I usually love on these shows, but she's so beyond anyone that's been on any of the shows before, I think she gives Countess, The Salahi's and Alexis Bellino a run for that title!

    And season six of OC is going to be AMAZING. Still can't believe all the shit with Tamra and Jeana that happened the other week (though I'm not surprised, Jeana has a) always been a shit stirrer and b) only ever supports irresponsible men.)

    And Slade got his vasectomy removed and proposed to Gretchen. Puking right now...
  20. You are so right, I can't stop laughing!
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