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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I love Janet so would be very happy if she's back.
  2. They all need to come back except the newbies. Well, Venus was alright I guess.
    I’m still cackling at Andrea thinking she’d be the queen of the series over Gina!!! The delusion.
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  3. Venus moved cities I think so she won’t be able to - maybe we’ll see her as a friend of.

    If I could pick any of them to go it would be Gamble. I don’t think she brings much to the show.
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  4. This scene always kills me.

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  5. Looking through their social medias and Lydia, Janet and Jackie all seem to confirm that they will be a part of the show. I've also noticed that Jackie and Janet have been spending a lot of time recently with Susie, Sally and Gamble.

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  6. I quote this scene daily. I’m not even joking.
  7. Susie and Sally... keep it.
    I could see Gina not returning if Sally is part of the new season, which would be a disaster.
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  8. I've got a feeling Gina won't be back.. If Susie returns she and Lydia will be having it out again.
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  9. Apparently it was Gina’s place on the show holding production up, as they supposedly found her a nightmare to work with but there would be ZERO show without her. She’s the queen and it’s kind of dull that the other wives just try and dethrone her every season, it’s not going to happen. She’s popular for a reason.

    Lydia on the other hand...I disliked her from season 1, but I kind of get why she’s there. Because we need that genuinely awful person role to be filled...and she fills that:


    Chyka, Sally and Susie are too boring to even be considered. Snooze.

  10. Still iconic. I need full a Melbourne re-watch, Season 2 and 3 are the top tier of housewives seasons.
  11. Well, I'm sold. Guess I have three seasons of RHOM to watch, gals!
  12. I look forward to the Melbourne thread in 2020.
    "Your pussy is too dry to ride me this hard, Manuela."
    j.jpg j2.jpg
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  13. Brandi's powers for drama and bitching are being wasted on a youtube channel no one's subscribed to:

    Her laying into Tamra while drinking wine in bed wearing a nightie and a von dutch hat... such a mood.

    This woman is housewives royalty who carried Beverly Hills for all of its better years... I really don't understand why they can't find a space for her at Bravo in some capacity.
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  14. OH MY GOD.

    This will be everything.
  15. They should give her a talk-show where they just discuss drama from Bravo reality series at least.
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  17. Oh wow, that cast. A snooze!
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  18. Not Shannon rushing herself to hospital because Kelly hit the bowl on her head!
  19. What are you smoking?

    She gave us :
    >“EVERYONE IN MELBOURNE” which led to Janet’s hilarious mockery

    > “Your pussy’s too dry to ride me this hard Manuela”

    >”The only person who wants to fuck your husband is you.”

    >”You get called a c**t when you’re being a c**t”

    And the iconic dismissal she gave Pettifleur who was being messy about her wedding invitation!

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  20. I have mixed feelings about this! Sydney housewives did give us some iconic characters (hi Athena X Levendi) and I loved the petty drama but honestly it was all a bit much. I love the feel of Melbourne already and don’t want them to mess with it. I’m scared girls.
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