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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I don’t even know who you’re talking about, but best analogy I’ve read on this sight for a while...
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  2. 'Site' sis. How's the juice in Vegas?
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  3. This replenished my soul.
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  4. On the plane they had the first four episodes of S9 of Beverly Hills, and it got me through four hours.
    It was my first watch of the franchise, and I did enjoy it. LVP just should have sat the season out, she seems, so unhappy with everything that went on outside the show with her brother.
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  5. November 10th cannot get here quickly enough.
  6. Was it though? In the last season there was kind of drama between many different factions.

    I don’t know if I buy there was drama over Sally. She didn’t really make for compelling viewing and axing her to keep Gina is an easy decision to make.
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  7. As opposed to being likeable now?
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  8. Honestly I have really liked her in recent seasons, she totally mellowed. Can’t think of any reason to dislike her?
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  9. A bit disappointed they didn't include her "Did Mrs. Garrett teach you how to talk???" read of Kim Fields or when she asked Sheree to help with her tent because she was used to being homeless.

    God, I love Kenya.
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  10. Tamrat’s younger son is so iconic.
  11. I’ve grown to love Jackie. She seems to be one of the only cast mates who will fearlessly stand up to Gina...she just doesn’t care. In the season 4 reunion, when Gina was being so nasty and so rude to Sally, she was the first to defend her and try to shut Gina down. Then telling Alex Perry (the host) to wrap up - I screamed!
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  12. I agree. Give ha an orange!! And also one for Boring Wind's mom, too.

    Also, on that note, don't hate me gals but:
    Every scene with Vicki has been iconic Dddddd.
  13. No hate from me. She’ll never not be iconic. Tempting the gals in with ha Costco platters and gossip she heard in her head 30 minutes before.

  14. I'm struggling to get on board with Browned Wind. She's clearly studied the show and is trying everything to stand out as a 'great addition', but her scenes with Dr Deb have just made me think "has this show jumped the shark?"

    I'm loving Gina and Emily this season though, they're both sad disaster cases and it's making for great car-crash TV. This week's episode was highly entertaining, if a little slow.
  15. I can't wait to see Kelly give Shannon a concussion with a Tibetan bowl hammer.
  16. I never expected Emily and Kelly to become a dynamic duo, but it looks as though it might head that way.
  17. I low key stan Braunwyn. Dr Deb is like interesting at first glance but also clearly a nightmare/non-existent mother, which explains why Tamrat instantly bonded with her.

    Episode 8, we’re getting Vicki vs Kelly, Gina vs Emily, Tamra and Shannon vs Emily AND the aftermath of Kelly “bonging” Shannon Storms on the head. At a Wellness resort. My body is ready.
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  19. Although there’s only been a couple scenes with her so far, I’m really liking the new Kary in Dallas. She’s fiery, funny, likeable and I have a feeling she’ll be messy when she needs to be (and I really wanna fuck her husband). Something feels off to me about how Bravo are putting subtitles under almost everything she says tho, she speaks English perfectly fine!
  20. OC sounds lit if this thread is anything to go by. I'll have to binge watch once the season has finished.
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