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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Marge really did save RHONJ single-handedly, didn't she?

    They look like a monkey's asshole!
  2. Hit a nerve?

    *calmly eats a snack while getting absolutely SCREAMED at*
  3. Danielle already said the n word on tape, so...
  4. I might watch this season of New Jersey, if plates and couches are thrown around
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  5. And Danielle lights Marge's purse on fire Dddd.
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  6. Oh honey you need to dive into last season, it was fantastic and a real return to form.
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  7. Is that true? I am screaming

    I kind of dropped the ball with season 2 (to watch RHONY and RHOBH basically), so I am not aware of the downfall of RHONJ (it got so toxic, yet messy, in season 2, Danielle was and is truly something else)
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  8. Apparently! Whew buckle up. And yes I agree with @1991 , season 9 was a true "comeback" season!
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  9. Queen Gina Liano was the celebrant of a wedding I was at over the weekend. Still shooketh.
  10. Why did I start imagine you fapping furiously in the corner while she says this and humiliate you?

    I have to stop watching that Pose scene with Mutha Blanca and her S & M dungeon clients.
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  11. Potomac have already begun filming Season 5. Candiace, Robyn, Gizelle, Monique and Charrisse have been spotted filming. I'm sure La Dame and The Darbys will be back too. Surprised to see Charrisse back, but I'm happy because I liked her bougie, messy ass.

    Apparently People Mag's Dave Quinn confirmed on Andy's podcast that the RHOA Season 12 trailer is coming very soon (like this week soon maybe), and that it would be before the Jersey trailer (which is not a People exclusive this year), which Andy said would be here before October 1st.

    Looks like they're keeping a similar schedule to last year, with RHOA premiering on Sunday November 3rd, and Jersey following on Wednesday November 6th. Exciting!!

    We need DETAILS! Did you ask her if she's back for Melbourne's fifth season!?
  12. HOW WAS IT?!
  13. I didn't get time! The ceremony had barely finished and her Uber was already on the way. I got a photo with her, had a brief chat about the ceremony and she hightailed it out of there. That said, she was amazing during the service - and is basically how you'd expect her to be. Glamorous and friendly enough, if not a little distant. And certainly not letting a couple of homosexuals bring her Uber rating down by running her late.
  14. I’ve awoken at 3am to the realisation that Teddi literally looks like Jennifer Connelly and now I can’t get it out my head.
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  15. [​IMG]

    The RHOA looking gorgeous at Eva's baby shower!

    The full season 12 cast (minus Yovanna) were in attendance, and from other photos from the event it appears that Nene has made up with Porsha and Cynthia.

    They're expected to head off on their main cast trip very, very soon (minus Eva who can't travel.)

    I think when all is said and done we'll get Nene, Kenya, Kandi, Cynthia, Porsha and Eva with peaches, Marlo and Tanya as friends and a lot of guest spots from Shamea, Yovanna and Malorie.
  16. They look incredible. I hope this packed cast manages to deliver. Look at Kandi’s body language stood next to Nene, she secretly (or not) hates her! I honestly think Kandi just tolerates Nene but doesn’t like her one bit.
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  17. Anyone else really enjoying Emily this year on RHOC? She’s slowly becoming my favourite.

    Loving this season overall, it’s the best one in years. And they should not change the cast, it’s finally working. Although I wouldn’t be upset if they decided to axe Tamra after this season.
  18. Don't throw rocks at me but I want Vicki back as full time and Tamra needs to finally be vanquished. Other than that I agree, this is a good cast for OC.
  19. I would be here for Vicki getting her orange back. But I can’t see it, she should’ve at least tried to be more likeable this year.. to get fans back on board.

    The hate for Tamra is real though this season. I’ve never seen so much hate on twitter/online forums for her. Her time is up I think.

    Emily and Kelly are on the outs with all the other cast members, I just hope the producers find a way of keeping them. They’re my favourites this year.
  20. Emily, for me, is a very old skool Housewife and I actually like her despite her Trumpster status. There's a dignity about her that the others completely lack. She's smart. She's sensible. She isn't afraid to speak up for herself. I think if she teamed up with Kelly, they'd be unstoppable.

    I think Vicki will get her orange back, but I'm not sure the fans as a whole want that. The hatred for Tamra is quite intense too. This is Kelly's show now. She's the one fans adore. She has the control and I doubt Bravo will want to get rid of her. I'm sure they demoted Vicki as a way of pacifying Kelly, such is her influence now. Tamra will not win this one.
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