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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I'm enjoying RHOC as much as I enjoyed this past season of RHONY. The RHOC aren't as funny or effortless, but between the storylines and the editing, RHOC has me totally hooked again.

    Kelly, Gina and Emily are the stars. The Tres Abuelas will not be missed.
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  2. There's a rumor going around that Shannon and Kelly pre-planned the "gong" incident, as there is a video circulating of them discussing a scene, vaguely, in which Shannon anticipates "over-reacting."

    Do I care?

    Because it's still fucking hilarious.

    Shannon: MY EYE IS BLURRY.

    Vicki: Well I hope her brain isn't bleeding or anything

    Shannon: WHAT?!?!
  3. Eileen Davidson is so damn shady I miss her desperately. Her disdain for LVP was my favorite thing about her.
  4. LVP seems to spend so much time on socials liking stan tweets & doing the ‘poor me’ routine - doesn’t she have some animals or restaurants to look after?
  5. She's still trying to manipulate the viewers.
  6. D’andra not showing up to the meeting with Travis to help save her business because her hair was dyed the wrong colour was a bad look. I felt like it perpetuated a streotype of women in business and I was really disappointed in her, like Travis said “throw a hat on”.

    Sadly Leanne came across very unlikeable this episode also. As someone who has struggled with issues related to suicide, I thought it was so gross how she was kind of weaponising her experience to make Kary feel bad for asking a simple question.
  7. I don't even watch Potomac but I just saw the photos of Katie's new look. Completely unrecognizable, wow.
  8. Fix this.
  9. Dddddd no wonder Momma Dee didn’t want to give D’andra the business. She’s useless!
  10. And why not? SECURITY.
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  11. This is going to sound so hypocritical coming from a fan of Housewives in general but something about Potomac and Dallas both feel so forced and unnatural, despite wanting to love the mess.
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  12. I do love her and want the best for her so this is sad, but RHOA is going to be so good this year.

  13. You are right about Dallas but on Potomac? NO.
  14. Poor Kenya :(
  15. It gets worse....

  16. Well that’s Nene’s ammo for the reunion.
  17. Kenya can handle her!
  18. I fully believe Marc was cheating based on Kenya’s statement.
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  19. I feel so bad for Kenya. I just remember how she wrote that she was happy that her Grandma was able to meet him before she passed away. I hope things turn up for her.
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