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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Fucking SHOOK at The Queen getting divorced during taping for her comeback season!?

    I feel terrible for Kenya and baby Brooklyn.
  2. I feel bad so bad for Kenya. Hopefully she has at least secured her peach for years to come!
  3. Cheshire. I live that the new Housewife (Leilani) makes Dawn insanely jealous. She can't hide it. And the fans on Twitter certainly notice it.
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  4. I LIVE for Leilani. It helps that I actually knew of her from her modelling career, compared to when most people join the show and they’re unknown, but she has Dawn shaking and I couldn’t be happier. There’s also, ridiculously, a 100th episode special airing following the next episode on Monday, which will include the return of Leanne and Magali (and the other flops that were fired, sadly no Ampika) to talk about their time on the show.
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  5. I hope Leanne and Magali tell it like it is about Dawn.
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  6. I hope so too. Majorly bummed that Ampika didn’t want to take part, but I also don’t blame her considering the productions favouritism of Dawn over the years. It’s still crazy to me that this show made it to ten seasons.
  7. Do we even know if Dawn and Leanne settled their dispute?
  8. I believe it’s still ongoing.
  9. Only a fool wouldn’t.
  10. She came in to my work the other week and you can tell she’s a very genuine and likeable person.

    Magali comes in often and is as eccentric as she is on TV and Instagram.
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  11. Phew Eileen really set off the Little Pumpsters and her so casually posting receipts to refute LVP's claim she lied about being fired. She very clearly was asked to return in a friend role and turned it down. Where is the lie or embarrassment? Queen Davidson has no chill I love her.
  12. They've been bombarding her with 'Boreleen' tweets all day. Really, I totally see LVP's nasty streak is now open and clear for all to see.
  13. The LVP stans.. worms for brains. Eilegend remains unbothered.
  14. Eileen is a legend and the Little Beasts need to let their mummy queen retire.
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  15. Ms Eileen has been booked and busy for decades! You just know LVP is jealous of her long career & ageless beauty.
  16. I’m perched for RHOA this year. Really sad for Kenya. I hoped her marriage would work, mainly because Phaedra was so god awful to her about not being married. However, she has a beautiful baby now and most likely/hopefully will become the centre focus for this upcoming season, much to Nene’s dislike.

    Apparently the trailer is coming soon and they haven’t been on the cast trip yet? That should mean they have a lot of content already right?
  17. I can’t quite get over Dawn’s WAG transformation

  18. Girls, I just learnt that Eilegend is 60?! She looks phenomenal. Genuinely no shade but I was surprised to learn that LVP is younger than ha.
  19. Eileen is legitimately so snatched. I can't help but stan am ageless slasher-queen.
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