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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I still don’t get why everyone hates Kyle.
  2. I thought the episode was great overall. Fast-paced and the one you love to hate KYLE was doing the heavy lifting. She's extra manic and sensitive this year and America is watching in their millions!

    Dorit vs Kyle is my favourite BH feud in years and it's been bubbling for three years now. Workout Barbie has her grip on those bangs and she's not letting go.
  3. That’s what I’ve been wondering. She’s not my favorite by any means but I just think there are other girls who are much more insufferable?
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  4. I hate Kyle because she continuously exploited her sisters alcoholism to maintain a spot on a reality tv show. She had no other storyline for seasons except Kim’s sobriety issues. Most don’t agree with me, but when Brandi said Kyle likes Kim better when she’s off the wagon, it was the truth. If Kyle was truly concerned for her sister, she would have left the show and let Kim go into rehab peacefully instead of spending all of Season 5 using it as her storyline and then bringing her sister, who was barely on the wagon from all the pressure, to let Lisa Rinna attack her constantly.

    I know substance abuse issues are layered and affect the entire family (I’ve got two aunts who had major drug issues and a grandfather who was a violent alcoholic who beat my grandmother, my mother and her siblings in his drunk fits) but the last thing I’m doing is maintaining my position on a toxic reality show.

    Kyle has no relationship with her sister Kathy Hilton because of this. Kathy felt the exact same way.

    Kyle called Brandi an enabler and not her real friend but Brandi (and her friend, the sober coach Jennifer) got Kim into an expensive rehab facility after the Target shoplifting incident for free and was the only genuine friend Kim had in 15 years.
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  5. Kyle is the runt of the Big Kathy litter. She’s thirsty and evil and that’s that on that.

    And she stole Kim’s goddamn house.
  6. Kyle insulting Denise made me angry. GET HA.
  7. Even Sutton was shocked nn.
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  8. Edu


    Okay but those Dorit workout glam pics are iconic.

    This stupid pose... I love her.
  9. Dorit is an iconic queen and I shan't be convinced otherwise. The way she pronounces her husband's name chef's kiss.
  10. I'm surprised Denise having a meltdown and shouting BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO happened before the lesbian rumours. I wonder what they'll attack her with.
  11. Dorit's "first of all, thanks for the compliment" had me laughing. This was a really enjoyable episode (even if I skipped Rinna's scene with her daughter, I applaud the topic being discussed) and mostly down to the fast pace. They are learning. Kyle calling Denise a ragamuffin... I can't!
  12. If Kyle weren't so focused on her image - she could actually become an Athena X style villain and I would live for her, as it is - she comes off desperate for the limelight. Inserting herself like that in an event that wasn't even hers when Teddi genuinely didn't seem to care was the definition of "a bit much!"
  13. Edu


    I'm glad she's back calling her kids an incomprehensible word that sounds like bubbalish.
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  14. Wow, I didn’t know all of this. Thanks for the tea!
  15. I still think RHOBH fans do way too much on Kyle.
    Her biggest crime is not really being smart enough to handle her sister's alcoholism properly.
    She truly isn't capable of being as nefarious as some of you all suggest - and that's why she has always been a follower and not a leader.

    I would be really sad to see her go but I wouldn't be surprised if it does happen because she has proven she has a hard time holding her own, which is incompatible with her OG status as it would be demeaning for a newer girl to take her under her wing.
  16. I just have always found Kyle to not really be that interesting. Really if you think about it what has been her story lines that aren't Kim, Camille, Brandi, or LVP? Has she provided moments, absolutely, but that really was because of who she was up against and not so much her...if that makes sense. (and just my opinion.)
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  17. Is it wrong for me to like Kyle because of her messiness and desperation? I thought her randomly instigating with Dorit last episode was a bitsy iconic and even at her worst she's a vehicle for us to see a shirtless stoned Mauricio. I have to love her for that.
  18. Kyle is at her worst when she's playing passive socialite and exploiting her sister's problems for her own gain.

    Kyle is at her best when she's messy and lets her emotions (dumb and petty or not) flow freely, and she was operating at her best last episode. I think this is setting up so far to be a good season for her, actually.
  19. We will. That is a certainty!
  20. This exchange Brandi had with Kim's sister sums her up perfectly? Do I welcome back her mean girls self? Yes, it's obviously better than her fake nice persona, at the same time she's so basic, and yeah the way she treated Kim (and Kim can be a terrible person herself) was horrendous, the Limo Fight alone was disgusting in that sense (it made iconic television), but it's also true that the Richards family is a mess in itself (and those blind items are terrible, especially for Kathy and Kim)
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