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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Right infront of our eyes..

    Throw it back at her at the Reunion, Doctor Christmas Jones and Garcelle.
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  2. Is the Harry Hamlin “come over” thing because the daughters don’t live at home anymore and they want to go home and have dinner with him? I can’t remember if it’s been said if they live at home or not.
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  3. Whilst I do accept some criticism of this season as being valid, I do feel like certain people are just hating for the sake of it being Beverly Hills.
    The girls have changed the dynamic, the past few episodes have been edited to include more drama and less look at my fabulous house and for as many complaints about Denise being ganged up on, we’ve still had;
    - Kyle Vs Erika
    - Kyle Vs Dorit
    - Dorit Vs Sutton
    - Rinna Vs Anyone that will listen

    Like what more do y’all want? The show will not overhaul itself into something completely new in six episodes, however the building blocks are there for improvement. People hate on Kyle then proceed to moan about the same thing over and over just like she does.
  4. Comparing us to Kim’s sister?

  5. [​IMG]

    Welcome to the right side of history! The girls in here are spinning a web to push their narrative - LVP taught them well!

    I guess if the RHOBH throw tiki torches and shit on the floor they’ll come around?
  6. Me bopping to this fight cause I stan Potomac and my hometown ladies are coming to effortlessly snatch the title with their critically acclaimed Season 5:

  7. I’m pretty sure Harry & Lisa are just saying that even if their kids are living with them, they’re 18 & 21, so they’re rarely ever home or interested in spending time with their parents. I moved back in with my parents after college, but hardly ever spent time at the house. It’s an age where you spend as many nights with your friends/boyfriend as you can.

    Sidenote, we’ve seen a bunch of Harry appearances on Lisa’s socials (as well as in her Drag Race video message) during this time, so I think any rumor is just a misunderstanding.
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  8. Erika is such an asshole, honestly.
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  9. I'm so happy you girls are going to get to hear more about Amelia's anxiety and how Dorit is painting an Olive Garden or whatever while us RHONY stans watch the psychological decomposition of wealthy white women!
  10. [​IMG]

    Watch your back bitch!
  11. Dorit is off-limits in this BH vs NY war!!!

  12. I also want to say that I reserve the right to dramatically change my opinion on a weekly basis.
    With the exception of RHONY being the greatest franchise.
  13. There's the real sister who would have her back
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  14. Me too..

    ..but it won't happen. Beverly Hills doesn't have the range.
  15. How much diversity is among post menopausal white women with questionable liquor habits though?
  16. 0, sis!

    How much personality, entertainment and examples of genuine friendship do we see on the show that is so carefully crafted, staged and out of ideas? *Erika Jayne voice* None! Not one!
  17. Welcome to the right side of history @SyPOPhantic now put on your best Eileen denim jumpsuit, drink champagne from a wine glass and get ready to accuse randoms of doing coke everywhere bubba!

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  18. *gasps in horror and grasps PK’s clammy red hand* I guess we’re about to have our first same couch squabble because “drink champagne from a wine glass”?! Absolutely not. What we’re not going to do is do anything Teddi would do and normalise that kind of sickening classless behaviour, Dorit already put that bore straight. I may be a current BH stan girl but I am a Dorit KemLegend stan first and foremost darling!
  19. The actual drama/events of this season aren't top-tier HW by any means (yet!! looking at you, Brandi), but it's very evident that some combination of production/editors and the women are trying to change the energy of the show to get it out of the rut it had been in for 5 years. I could see next season being absolute fire if this energy is in place from the first day of shooting (rather than midway through and then cutting out weeks of boring filler).
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  20. Rinna in the background just playing with the kids is making me SCREAM.
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