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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Denise needs to stop bringing Aaron around because it's not doing her any favours ddd.
    I'm ready for the annihilation of Teddi Jo.
  2. It’s like he talks in riddles.
  3. Would you say he’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle

    —and CaAsh?
  4. So the first two Seasons of this have appeared on Netflix UK, as an extra with a Season 1, they have a Producer’s Cut of The Dinner Party From Hell..
    anyone seen this before?

    Also, Aaron is a jackass, a fit jackass, but still... he will not be doing our Queen any favours. Alas, there’s a difference between dropping an f-bomb, and talking about threesomes infringement of teenagers, but still...
    You can almost see Teddy and Kyle circling for blood between them. Let’s see how it plays out.
  5. When people win, also people engage because they wanna see how those people won...

    I think everyone puts their hand in the centre and does a hoo-rah

    I'm just giving you a hint and a clue

    King of proverbs, being followed, energy and big dicks!
  6. I am really starting to think that Denise issue has to do with some legal stuff with Charlie Sheen and that's what prompted the whole issue with them swearing with children around.

    Which, if that's the case it makes the rest of the cast even worse, ddd.
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  7. I... stan Aaron.
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  8. Yes. Bravo airs it every now and then. It’s basically an extended cut with more insults being thrown. They don’t have it on US Hulu but it’s purchaseable on iTunes/Prime/etc.
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  9. I wish they’d make the specials they made about Beverly Hills season 1 and OC season 8 available somewhere. They’re impossible to find.

    The Beverly Hills one was really great, with all the extra footage from the finale.
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  10. The OC one is on Hayu if you have it? The BH was great, I wish they’d do more of those. I’d love one for RHOA season 6 or 9, New York season 3 or 8, Jersey season 2 or 4... Perhaps with the delay in filming/broadcasting this year we might get some more behind the scenes-type shows.
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  11. Oh thanks! I didn’t know the OC one was on Hayu. I didn’t look as I just presumed they didn’t because they didn’t have the BH one.
  12. I really love how Aaron is shooting a completely different show when he shows up dddd
  13. Can’t wait for Aaron’s book deal! I’m ready to preorder my copy!

    Also, Teddi & Kyle remain failing as the former clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘hypocrite’ while the latter is the one in the group actually showing her hypocrisy. Denise just asked them to watch what they say around her kids; she never commented on what can be said around any other children. The rest of the women were pissed that Denise would set regulations around her children, and were quick to judge her parenting style when she brought this up. But now they’re the ones who are getting frustrated about the language being used around the kids? Ok, Kyle.
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  15. I love how the entire BH fandom are now Little Doritos. Queen is really effortlessly slaying and is the most overall likeable cast member this season.

  16. A con artist who dumps dogs in kill shelters, with an iconic accent and impeccable fashions...
    Only Dorito DeVille
  17. I can't stop screaming "OY HAVE A LOYF, KYLE!!!!!" at my boyfriend help
  18. "I have to save Koyl's fashion show...from Koyl," being the one-liner of the series so far.
  19. Also, this shot is the very definition of stunning.

    Serving a lo-fi look!
  20. Nope, I love you but you are wrong, it's
    Even if we haven't seen it yet.
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