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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Until it happens, Dorit is happening!
  2. I’m currently rewatching Beverly Hills right now and I kind of wish Carlton made it to two seasons. Also find it so weird that the voice or Timmy Turner and Batgirl appears as a friend of Carlton’s in two episodes.
    While I love RHONY more than RHOBH, the Eileen era is amazing.. including the denim jumpsuit!
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  3. Carlton would've eviscerated Rinna and I'd be here for every second of it.

    Eileen is such a sweetheart, bless her.
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  4. Eileen said nothing at her last reunion. I was rewatching last night and she's almost invisible. I think Eden said more! And yet I still prefer her to Teddi.
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  5. Also I think it can't be a coincidence that with Eileen gone, Lisa Rinna started to become unlikeable
  6. “This isn’t a SOAP OPERA!”
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  7. Eileen is a lovely woman but was useless as a Housewife (the Beast moment was great but that’s all she gave us). I’ll never forget Brandi insulting her homes decor at the infamous poker party in Season 5 and the first episode in Season 6 her entire home had been redecorated and she tried so hard to convince us it wasn’t because of what Brandi said.
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  8. And when Kathryn accused her having a “janky” handbag and she protested a little too much that she didn’t care.
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  9. For one season housewives, Eden and Kathryn were the absolute worst ones on Beverly Hills. Joyce is a close 3rd but the first two were just boring! Obviously Teddi Melatonin takes the top prize for “longer than one season”.
  10. Kathryn, there’s a housewife I totally forgot existed.

    Eden, I actually liked and would’ve rather gotten another season of her.
  11. I feel like Eden truly got a raw deal. Rinna fed her lies about how Kim wasn’t sober and was close to death knowing full well she has experienced the trauma of losing her sister to addiction. The poor woman was gaslit and triggered, so her behaviour towards Kim came across so bad. Yes, she was already a bit of loon with her long hugs and randomly buying Erika that ring, but I don’t think we actually got to know her in a normal circumstance because of how Rinna manipulated her. I don’t know how Rinna got away with it so easily with the cast and most of the viewers, I thought it was horrible.
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  12. Mid season trailer is out.

    Dorit saying she believes Denise. Yasss, count me in as a Little Dorito.
  13. Oop Denise truly said “cut the camera, deadass”. Didn’t someone on here post that Brandi backtracked saying this ‘affair’ was actually a one off kiss? If so, Brandi and Kyle are going to look like absolute fools. Glad Dorit will be on the right side of history once again.
  14. So it seems like we are getting a short season then...
  15. I was revisiting Gaga’s old videos a few days ago and Carlton managing to scam her way into G.U.Y. despite being a one season wife is kinda iconic when you think about it.

  16. That looks... okay? I was a little underwhelmed, but I feel like it was cut weirdly. Brandi straight out saying "we fucked" but now saying they "made out" is a mess.

    I am intrigued to see that Denise and Brandi did actually film together though, when it was rumoured that they never did. But what made Brandi flip from slapping Denise on the ass to doing this big exposé? Just a cheque? It looks like she played her cards all wrong.

    Eh, not necessarily. Potomac's "later this season" trailer came out after like episode 6 last season and they still got 18 eps. I think we'll get at least that, if not 19-20.
  17. And Rihanna did a photo shoot in her mansion!
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  18. Isn’t that Brandi’s MO though? She’s turned on Adrienne, LVP and now Denise to stay on the show/for a cheque. She’s a moron.
  19. Dorit is such a fucking legend. I screamed when they just threw in the soundbite of her saying “Bellissimo!” and of course the one sentence that sums up the whole season:

    Oy belief DeniSsse
  20. Brandi never backtracked. She made a slick comment because Denise sent her a cease and desist and threatened a lawsuit so she said on her podcast “fine if it gets me out of a lawsuit, we never did anything but kiss, don’t sue me now”.

    She still maintains they hooked up and has even stated the truth is all going to come out for months.
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