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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I hope they fire Erika (and she can bring Teddi and Lisa with her) next season, she's unbearable, and literally bring nothing, I think she has the potential, but when you peaked your first season and pretty much gave us nothing for the other four... bye!

    Also Dorit getting her redemption after the GP hated her for the last seasons, we love to see it!
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  2. I quite liked this episode. Although I’m still firmly team Denise I can understand where the other girls are coming from in that they would rather talk out the issue but she keeps walking away. Dorit talking about her life in Italy in such a romantic way just makes me yearn for memoir from her even more. I also loved the absolute destain on Denise’s face when Teddi dared to whine at her again. I’m kind of loving how messy Aaron is being too despite what the consensus seems to be on Twitter, it’s so entertaining. Next season I want him and PK to team up for an Erika take down, it’s the messy duo we deserve! Next episode looks great from the previews.
  3. I honestly think Denise brings Aaron to keep herself from flipping out since he answers things calmly. I kind of enjoyed how they were trying to get him riled up and he just kept shutting them down with his monotone answers. Also, Erika if you have something to say, say it to Denise. She can come at Aaron but not Denise? Is she scared? Also them making a big deal about them leaving a "family" bbq to go to get a steak and see strippers is reaching. They are really showing how unbearable some of them can be.
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  4. The "freeze frame" and text they do at the end of every season should just be it freezing on Aaron pulling out his giant wang.
  5. Like the end of Boogie Nights.

    Also Villa Blanca has now closed its doors forever after losing another sexual assault case.
  6. I think they're so desperate to have 'a storyline' (being aware of what we say on Twitter) that they're pushing this 'affair' and really, we don't care. No-one believes Brandi. Most fans don't want her back. Denise is being used as fuel for other boring Housewives who want their moment in a group confrontation (when the cameras are around). Denise is right to walk out. Suffocate them of a storyline. Let them be boring.
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  7. Good. I hope this is the beginning of the end for Vanderpump.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. I'm on episode 7 and fuck me, Kim's sister is exhausting. Ranting on about Denise "mom-shaming" her, they should've called her Karen rather than Kyle.
  10. Her new name is Karen Richards. It's official, gals.
  11. The preview for next week looks decent atleast, if it's one thing Beverly Hills does well it's referencing the previous, iconic cast members.
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  12. Rinna being sent to literally run after the only whiff of a storyline they have at the start of the episode.
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  13. Sutton has all that money and the absolute worst fashion sense.
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  14. And we LOVE to see it!
  15. That’s how we know she has REAL COINS.
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  16. I have on good word that, due to fear LA may shut down productions again because of rising COVID cases, Beverly Hills might be shooting their reunion within the next 3 weeks. Housewives and Camille/Brandi/Kim were sent out 3 specific dates to block out for taping.

    We still have 10-11 regular episodes set to air before we get to the reunion though. They just want it in the can.
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  17. Makes sense, Brandi mentioned Bravo contacted her to take a test. I would imagine NYC will follow suit.
  18. The bad news about LVP keeps on coming.

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  19. I know it was like a minute long but Denise with the driver was sweet - a legend!
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  20. Me finally deciding to be free and checking out for the remainder of this tragic season.

    Me still stanning Sutton and Dorit anyways.
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