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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I don't see a major shake-up happening anytime soon. I know a lot of fans (rightly) express disinterest with Rinna and Erika but I think they are viewed as major players by the network, in addition to Kyle and Dorit.

    Kyle, Rinna, Erika, Dorit and Garcelle are dead certs to return. Denise is up in the air and we'll have to see whether or not they promote Sutton. I think they'll bring one new face in.
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  2. I kind of like Rinna and Erika? But then again I am literally quite basic so what would I know.
  3. Do we feel Erika was warned about Teddi's Denise/Brandi stuff before she revealed it?

    Dorit's face showed she wasn't I feel.
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  4. I kind of agree with you, but I still feel there will be at least two firings next year, Teddi is obviously gone, I doubt Kyle will be, but I feel that either Erika or Rinna are getting the chop, not sure who, my bets are on Lisa Rinna.
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  5. I totally believe Erika knew too. Teddi and Kyle know about it at Bravocon before they went to Rome (which is a kii in itself). I remember a lot of podcasters who went at the time mentioning all the other girls seemed a little cold towards Denise except for Dorit, who was the only one to posed for separate pictures with Denise at the step and repeat.
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  6. "You've had your fun, let the mouse go..."

    Queen Sutton has dragged girls at the dinner table three times this season, I forgot...
    Alas, Rinna has also thrown two friends under the bus for the sake of show drama, another fact I forgot.
  7. The way Rina has done Denise this season. She dropped her quick. Who would ever be friends with her after seeing that?
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  8. I want Sutton, Rinna, Garcelle and Dorit but the rest can go. No one cares about Teddi, Kim's sister or Erika anymore (did anyone ever care about them?).
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  9. Unfortunately there are some british cigarettes like my boyfriend who find Erika a gay icon......
  10. Have you informed your boyfriend that he's wrong? If he wants to listen to a nasally, auto-tuned voice he can just listen to the fake Perfect Illusion demo!
  11. Can any Erika fans here tell me what she actually brings to the show please? I'll wait.
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  12. If any of them say “looks”, we have Dorit for that now. The only looks that I can appreciate from Erika are the ones that are truly like “oh that’s A LOT (like the hat car look or the latex Berlin look). Other than that, bland.

    The issue with most of the Beverly Hills wives is that they only show a tiny bit of their actual lives. The NY women don’t hold back and show the good and the bad.
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  13. This is killing me, Gina is something else
  14. i imagine Brandi is pissed about the story Sutton told about coming to her Christmas party on the after show, plus her comment that she is fun but cringe.
  15. For better or for worse, I feel like Erika isn't going anywhere. Bravo/Andy are way too starstruck by the fact that a lot of "real" celebrities are weirdly big fans of Erika (Christina Aguilera, Meghan 'My Father' McCain).
  16. I'm pretty sure that Denise will bounce and Teddi will be demoted if not fired. Sutton will replace Denise and we'll get one new Housewife (friend of Garcelle.)
  17. I agree unfortunately. I don’t feel like they would want to “lose” her even though she’s utterly useless as a housewife. If I was an exec, I would let her have her own show about touring gay clubs, the ups and downs of recording one basic gay bop a year, let it flop and have her fade back into obscurity.
  18. Don’t Be Tardy already covers this demo... sorry Erika.
  19. I like the idea of Erika...and I don't dislike Erika. My issue is I don't really want to know Erika Jayne, drag queens (many of whom trans women) basically raised me in my late teens/20s (by that I mean befriended me and kept me safe and out of trouble) and to me she is just a biological cis gendered female who performs in drag, and I've seen it and it doesn't interest me. Erika Girardi is basically a stepford wife. NOW who I would love to see who I think we've only seen glimpses of, is Erika (whatever her maiden name is). I want to meet the woman who grew up in Atlanta, before Tom, before the character. The closest we've ever gotten to her I think is when the contract for Chicago came in that scene with Tom, and for some reason her quick lunch scene with Garcelle. That's the real Erika.
    I've absolved myself to the idea that Kyle will never leave. Rinna I don't like as a person but she's psycho and she makes great tv. I used to believe her when she said she was playing "a character" but she's having too many Instagram meltdowns that I don't think is hype anymore.
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