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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Erika has been comatose for 3 seasons in a row. She needs to go.

  2. I want all the footage of Sutton they have.
  3. Are we in Cockney England? Am I with a taxi driver?

  4. Ok but Dorit says Sutton's name the way I say it. The correct way.

  5. We need more of this and less of Teddi and Kim's sister.
  6. I need Dorit to release a pop single NOW.
  7. It must be like this classic...

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  8. She already has!

    Which I inadvertently sent to a 60 year old fashion editor in a work email once dddd
  9. I love that you did this but we need her Oy Have A Loyf, Keighühll!! single.
  10. I didn't make the video!!! I just found it and tried to send it to a friend and then sent it in a work email instead.
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  11. I was not a Dorit fan going into this season but she has slowly and surely won me over with her effervescence. A multi-accented queen.
  12. I never saw Erika as supreme, even with fashion bar a couple looks but still...

  13. I think several people have hit the nail on the head when it comes to Beverly Hills' problem. The women refuse to air their dirty laundry and allow themselves to be seen as 'ugly' or 'bad'. Their 'good' isn't particularly exciting, so they have to resort to stupid/fake drama and it's just boring now.
  14. To be honest with you,

    I'm over the biphobia running through these storylines. They so disingenuously try to make it about "IF sHe wOUld jUSt OwN it!!" while they have demonstrated no actual investment in "owning" anything themselves. It all just permeates with an air of "Ew, Denise kissed a LADY!! YUCK" and it is very off-putting. I can't believe that people online haven't been pushing back more against this angle in the narrative.
  15. Honestly, having just experienced the ~*~LeSbIaN~*~ fuckery of Atlanta season nine made this Denise drama seem particularly...

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  16. This ChristianGSnow guy is notorious for spreading fake tea on housewives twitter for clout and is obsessed with @ing wives he doesn’t like abuse. I really wouldn’t take a thing that comes from this account seriously. He’s also the one who started the rumour from his “reliable sources” that RHOSL had been completely scrapped.
  17. Just so everyone knows, I made a new general discussion thread so the international franchises, Salt Lake City, and other miscellaneous Housewives chatter can be discussed in there now.
  18. Kyle is such a RAT. Tonight's episode was a non event.
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