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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. She's a terrible popstar too. She's so joyless. She's Smile era Vitamin C but twenty years her senior and no smile.
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  2. As a VC stan
  3. Vitamin C can sing, which is the biggest difference if we don't include everything else she does better than Erika.
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  4. I mean Dorit read Erika's "popstar" persona early on. Listening to Erika talking about curating albums... I have to laugh.

  5. Dorit sees through the veneer. I love it.
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  6. Sorry for posting ANOTHER preview... but I’m just happy Denise is bringing that energy she had with Rinna to the rest of the women.

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  7. Teddi dressed like a appropriate. Full of hay and corn and no personality!
  8. Luann's a better popstar than Erika Jayne.

    Chic C'est La Vie, Feeling Jovani >>> Erika's career.
  9. They are all shitting themselves in the moment (not in their confessionals oddly) because they have to be aware of the optics of back to back seasons of a gang up. They really thought Denise would roll over and die.
  10. ‘What’s up with the dramatic exit?’ Says Kyle...

  11. And here's my point being proved about Erika... she says fuck all at the table, then spouts all that sassy shit in her at-home-confessional.
    Denise best keep the girls pressed all the way through the reunion.
  12. Erika Jayne's entire persona only appeals to a certain group of basic [email protected] who eat that shit up. They intersect with Todrick Hall Stans and people who wear Marco Marco clothing on a regular basis. It's all very unappealing and embarrassing, really.
  13. At this point Bravo just need to hand the reigns of this show over to the Popjustice forum.
  14. Some of the posts on this thread have cracked me up lol
  15. I feel like Erika Jayne would perform at a rally of Log Cabin Republicans.
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  16. Her husband must have his friends over once in a while, so probably.
  17. Her performance would probably still be the least exciting thing at the hypothetical rally ddddd
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  18. Am I desperate?? YES.

    But am I thirsty for likes?? YES.
  19. I tuned in 30 minutes into the episode and it's like....I don't care Sksdkdsk
  20. "I actually said worse things about Teddi then what Brandi said I said, so that's what I'm confused about...."
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