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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I’m still not over Denise getting thrown back into that restaurant by a Producer.
    Literally my second favourite Housewives scene this year, after the Danielle/Mary hair pull.
  2. Having this season on the in background while doing another things and the only person I wouldn’t not fire is... the one who isn’t a housewives nn.

    Fire everyone and centre next season around Sutton and her friends.
  3. I really wish her ex wasn’t a douche because from her IG and me snooping on her children’s IG’s, we are missing out on a lot of who Sutton is. She is a lot of fun and I hope she is back next season in a larger capacity.
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  4. Sutton asking Garcelle on WWHL how she got her ex’s permission to film the kids/home life was so wonderfully endearing. She’s desperate to return and become a full-fledged diamond carrier, and I can’t think of any greater justice.
  5. There are ways around it, I mean we never saw Bethenny's child on her return to NY,I think with Sutton is he denied the permission after filming was done so it had to be scrapped.
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  6. I think she’ll be full time next year. They don’t HAVE to film with the kids. Neither Bethenny or Sonja have filmed with their children, and Brandi has to stop filming with them at a point, so they’ll just film around them next time.
  7. Y*th. I'm a Little Stacker.
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  8. I’m obsessed with how demonic Denise looks in all her confessionals.
  9. This season is interesting mostly just for witnessing the glitches in the Bravo simulation.
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  10. She looks like she's just climbed off Aaron, and stumbled to the camera to record...

    And I stan
  11. She’s either drunk and mixing pills or Aaron did some of his alien medicine on her cause those confessionals are Kim Richards game night level of “out of it”.
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  12. The lack of good lighting and a solid make-up artist isn't helping either.
  13. Kyle?

  14. Teddi?

    Let the mouse go.
  15. Oh look, Erika Jayne's entire personality!
  16. Somebody needs to get Rinna off social Jesus. I don’t follow her at all but I see everyone talking about and posting snapshots of her being...I question why fans were so concerned and had so much to say about Kim or say Katie from Potomac but we don’t think this...woman, had lost her damn mind.
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. Rinna is so bothered. It’s so obvious by her posts she tries to portray the zero fucks attitude. She’s anything but! I think she’s desperate to keep her diamond even at the cost of her friends and will do whatever she thinks the producers want. She’s as messy now as Brandi was before she was fired. They become unraveled on social media because they stay so pressed.
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  19. Lisa crying to Denise with her crocodile tears. Denise FUCKING RICHARDS aka the star of Starship Troopers, Valentine and Wild Things remains the better, more iconic actress.

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  20. *Tammy and the T-Rex, The World Is Not Enough, Drop Dead Gorgeous and...
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