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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I’ll throw in a little Saved By The Bell.
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  2. I actually blocked Rinna on Instagram a while ago, I couldn’t bear to see her fucking dancing videos show up on my explore page anymore. She’s in a exclusive club along with Eureka O’Hara from Drag Race.
  3. Rinna blocked me on Twitter during Season 6 for repeating LVP’s line about her “getting her arse waxed on a dirty carpet”.
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  4. I know a lot of people want Rinna fired but I really want to see how Garcelle vs Rinna plays out and watch Garcelle get ha.
  5. So I'm finally getting round to watching BH after the joys of RHONY and Potomac. On Season 3 and part of me has to fan girl over how much Yolanda could not be bothered with most of these girls. Also Faye is so desperate to be a main cast member.
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  6. I’ve started on Beverley Hills too- I’m up to the games night at Dana’s in season 2 and oh my god... I’ve got no idea how Brandi turns out but even the host is being mean to her and Kim is absolutely lit. She’s just hidden Brandi’s crutches and Kyle is actually encouraging her- surely the producers have some kind of duty of care towards Kim?
    I’m finding this even more addictive than Potomac.
  7. The first three seasons of RHOBH are iconic, queer television history.
  8. I think If the allow Rinna to come back she will come back with her tail between her legs toward Garcelle and Denise. Exactly like the crying she was doing in the last episode. After her spat with vanderpump she came up to her at the party apologizing for being tough on her. She’s so predictable at this point it’s time to let her go!

    also how desperate is vanderpump talking to the press offering support to Denise saying she doesn’t believe Brandi she couldn’t give two shiny shits bitter old hag
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  9. LVP needs to fuck off. She also said this week she would rehire Stassi and Kristen back for VPR because “they deserve second chances”.

    Coddling racists? BYE BITCH!
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  10. LVP is embodiment of ''I PrEFer DoGs To PeOPle :)))'' in the worst way possible.

    Also everytime I go on reddit... I can't with her delusional stans, they have such a warped and inaccurate sense of reality, I mean seeing people claiming she was perfect for reality tv, so likeable and interesting and multifaceted (kitsch lifestyle porn, ''british humour'', pink and cute animals, that's it)... she's for me, the most overrated housewife ever, I cannot think of one single genuine iconic moment (bar Goodbye Kyle) that was brought by her.

    As much as I dislike Kyle, at least she was part of a lot of memorable moments and was more willing of getting into the drama.
  11. Watching season 6 and it's a real shame that The MC Faye Resnick wasn't properly held accountable for her cash-in book by Kathryn.

    Also, I never really got it before but I totally understand the Vyle nickname at this point.
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  12. The best thing about LVP was her taglines. Other than that, yes she had the lifestyle porn but I agree that she doesn’t necessarily have any “iconic” HW moments. It’s unfortunate because I do think she has all the makings of a top tier housewife, she just played the victim way too much / could never defend herself properly. I’m sure I wouldn’t be alone in saying that had LVP played into her more villainous side (on camera), most of us would stan.

    She should have dragged Mauricio’s cheating out via the tabloids, she should have dragged Kyle into Munchausen, she should have exposed why Yolanda and herself secretly despised each other and she should have made sure not to be pushed over by fucking Teddi (even though I think all the women were over LVP by this point, she still could have defended herself better). A wasted opportunity.
  13. I agree with all apart from the final gang up...
    LVP was too weak from grief to take them on, and even Andy said she asked for a year off and they said no, and in hindsight he wishes they’d given it her.
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  14. Agree LVP had all the makings of a perfect villain, but she refused to own up to her mess...or let any of it play out on camera, so she just ended up being unavoidably boring.
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  15. I don't understand them not giving us Denise giving us a clear account of her story on the main show?
    I know showing her explaining herself will go against the successful victim edit they have done for her, but still...

    A kii at Sutton's shade
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  16. THIS...while I was a LVP fan, I was not a Stan. She was shady, I’m sure she did do some of what the ladies said she did, but I don’t think she was the anti-Christ Kyle and others made her out to be. Was also fine with a takedown (they tried it every other season) but I have said many times, there timing. them doing it while she was grieving...Its fun to hate wives and not take it too seriously but for me Kyle, Rinna, Erika, Teddi; I will always view as trash people because of it. No matter how much I hate someone, I could never, and especially not for a stupid reality show when I’m “allegedly” already insanely wealthy. Especially Rinna because again, many defended her before this season, but look at her online know good and damn well she sent that birthday cupcake picture with the pills on it on purpose (which if I’m not mistaken was right before the cast photo shoot where Rinna and Erika got on Instagram live about LVP refusing to come out of the dressing room to shoot the cast photo with other ladies.) Rinna got so much blowback that you know that’s why that scene was filmed of her telling Kyle she sent it but that’s not what she meant because they were still filming.

    Its time to move on though. Next season I don’t want an LVP flashback, I don’t want to hear anybody talk about crowns, Rinna somehow bringing her up, Kyle to use “losing her dear friend” the next time she fights with Dorit. Also no more Kim and Brandi. Do the damn work your being paid that is literally more than most of us will make in our entire working lives.
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  17. I still can't believe that Lisa VanderWhite stans actually exist. Like...they have to be RussianBots, right??

  18. We ask for more Garcelle and Denise content... and we receive! And they are both saying what most of the viewers are thinking. Queens.
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  19. Also, what's the timeline of Brandi shooting with the women again? Because here, she does not seem like a woman who is mad at Denise / has any issues with her. I know it's only a quick question but I saw it and it's making me side-eye her story even more.

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  20. I really hope that the producers adding in extra Dorit and Sutton confessionals and throwing in scenes like this are an indication that the producers will finally start listening to the viewers for once.
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