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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Brandi needs to be back next season she always brings it every time
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  2. This is an ice cold take
  3. She needs to stay away forever.
  4. I think if we can take anything away from Season 10 is that Brandi served her purpose on the show on her original run and we no longer have to wonder if she’s good for the show again, because she’s not.
  5. I don’t need Brandi in 2020, coming back and talking about how Denise is “more of master manipulator than LVP”. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. I never want to hear the words “master manipulator” in BH again, these are grown women.
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  6. As much as I tease the Beverly Bottoms, this franchise is close to my heart because it provided me with escape during some very difficult years. I feel like it struck such a perfect cord of ridiculous entertainment that was also surprisingly heart-wrenching at times, particularly during season 2. Introducing Brandi as a plucky heroine, crutches and all, plopped amidst a bunch of Beverly Hills snobs was the peak of the show for me.

    It's had the greatest fall of any franchise. Even Atlanta, for all of its comedy and amazing cast, never had quite such a compelling narrative through-line as the Richards sisters and a very horrific abuser committing suicide as the show played out.

    Now, after seeing Brandi make racist comments and recently these allegations with tinges of biphobia, I feel like the show was of its time and can never be what it was. It's all been consumed by the tacky artifice that used to be on the fringes of something that was almost frightening and (definitely uncomfortable) in its level of rawness and vulnerability.

    Pretending that it isn't terrible now is really to just completely ignore how compelling the show, in spite of itself and its host network, really was.

    The show is now just Adrienne Maloof's tinsel hair extensions.
  7. Bravo giving someone who has been so blatantly racist on the show (demonstrating direct aggressions towards a woman of color in the process) a paycheck is pretty inexcusable.
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  8. Joking aside for one minute, the bolded is true. But it's also true to an extent for every city. I think "the fall" was most evident in season 8 - which is their worst season and one of the worst Housewives season ever. TO ME they picked things back up a bit for season 9 and more for season 10.

    BH has always been about shock value at its core, contrasting the beautiful/fake with the ugly/real, it's just that this has taken many different forms over the decade. Maybe we should edit their wiki page and add in a 'Themes' section because the truth has always played a huge part in BH, more so than any other city.

    On a more general note, part of the allure of Housewives for me is that in any given year some cities have great seasons and others not so great, but (and this is not directed at anyone specific in this thread, for real) I feel like people have trouble not letting the episode they've just seen colour the city's history as a whole.

    Much in the way that, while I've enjoyed this season and clearly most of you haven't at all, I haven't even watched the past 3 episodes of NY because it's not appealing to me the way it has every other year. And that's okay. They both have given us so much - as has every other city - and no TV show can sustain greatness for 10+ years. They tend to find their footing again after a while (see: Jersey, OC) and that's just part of the fun.
  9. Okay but counterpoint what would we have for this season without Brandi, imagine.
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  10. But that’s not enough to keep her quite frankly.
  11. I can definitely respect and understand what you are saying here, hen.
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  12. I mean, if Bravo had actually utilized Sutton, Garcelle and Dorit we would have some RHONTY-esque sitcom comedy, to be fair! Brandi was not needed. But when they're hanging on to the last vestiges of Kyle and Teddi...
  13. This franchise needs someone like Brandi, but not Brandi.

    I also feel that Brandi really should stay away from the spotlight, I feel it kind of brings out a lot of bad stuff out of her? While I find her extremely annoying and really do not want her near the show, I can't help but feel bad for her at times.
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  14. I know I’m late we think the reason Sutton and Garcelle randomly got up and left is because they could hear production talking that Brandi was on her way? It just seemed so sudden and in Brandi came. Maybe this was another layer of Sutton not getting an invite to the post reunion hang out. I mean she goes to NY with the girls to see Erica but I’ve found it odd since that WWHL episode that she said she wasn’t invited either and seems to get along really well with Garcelle post filming.

    Rinna is trying her luck with this Garcelle thing and if she thought LVP stans where coming for her head, she has no idea what she’s in for, same for Kyle. Erika’s smart enough not to go there, same for Dorit (I never thought I’d see the day I said that.)

    HOWEVER if 2020 wants to screw us over anymore, both Denise and Garcelle walk, Sutton stays friend of or doesn’t get asked back, Teddi gets a salary increase and they will add another friend Rinna has “known for 20 years” and the coven will take down Dorit.
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  15. Take down of Dorit? By those girls? They simply wouldn’t have the range. Kyle would cry. Erika would stare into space thinking about topping and Teddi would... eh she’s as good as fired anyway.
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  16. Yes to all of this, I had meant to add ATTEMPT to take down Dorit, LOL.
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  17. They do have a tendency to go after the fan favourites, so such a dark scenario sounds quite likely, if they actually fire only Teddi (which I obviously hope it's not the case, Erika and/or Rinna need to go away aswell), they need someone who can actually fight back their ganging up and could not care less, someone like Dorinda, Gina Liano (now that I think about it, there are some similarities with the Denise stuff this season and Gina in season 1, both threathened cast members and production, the cast thought they had it in the bag, but as soon as the season aired it was obvious that the whole thing backfired) or Athena X.
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  18. Camille full-time, please and thanks.
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  19. Lisa Vanderpump tried it and she ended up quitting the show in disgrace. If LVP can't stop Dorit, the others stand not a chance!
  20. My friend wouldn't stop crying over a boy whilst I was trying to watch this weeks episode on Thursday and it was really off-putting, so I've finally managed to catch up properly in some nice peace & kemsley. Here is a round up of my iconic moments;

    - One of Teddi's followers revering Dorit and telling her they'd met previously and her just replying "I'm sure"
    - Sutton paying Teddi dust when she tried to make a joke with her regarding place cards
    - Dorit effortlessly shading Kyle the whole time she was setting up the shower and Kyle not having the gumption to assess the situation
    - Teddi's baby not being mentioned at Teddi's baby shower
    - Denise being a voice of the people, "I didn't say that, but I will say I just don't like Teddi"
    - Garcelle initiating phase two of Rinna's destruction then apologizing to accelerate her decent into madness
    - Dorits sheer artistry whenever she pronounced the word 'Capri'
    - Brandi being deemed a complete liar in the eyes of the law (Dorit) on the merit of her tits being stunning

    Also, was anyone else bothered by the knobs on Kyles oven? Fire engine red sis? Really? Did she go shopping with Gizelle?
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