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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. My gosh Sutton is a queen. She has brought it so hard this season and just seems like an authentic, quirky, loyal girl. Who can read when required. I stan and so hope she gets her diamond next season!

    Dorit & Garcelle for centre diamonds next season please. That energy!
  2. I want rid of Kyle/Erika/Teddi so much.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Who helped ruin the Kyle takedown we were promised at the start of the series?
  5. Ok but Teddi being a subliminal message in that gif, is rather disturbing ddd
  6. It’s funny because the reunion was filmed before the fans even saw the Brandi stuff so they never knew what the fans reactions would be and just assumed we’d hate Denise by the reunion. They didn’t self edit themselves to appease the fans so we’re seeing what full monsters they really are to Denise.
  7. I love you,
    I have a present for you

  8. They aren’t? Teddi said she filmed it in her old house to escape the kids, and the staircase behind Dorit is the one from her home.
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  9. This trailer is giving me Season 1 of Melbourne when all the girls thought the audience would hate Gina and they tried piling on her relentlessly. That backfired big time for them as Gina (and Denise to a large extent) are so charismatic whereas the others have such poor deliveries - the audience ends up rooting for the other side lol

    In truth, yes some of the stuff they are accusing Denise of is true but to pretend all of them haven’t lied/hidden aspects of their lives every season (including this one) is hypocritical and laughable.
  10. Here's one that isn't cursed by Teddi Melatonin.
  11. WaiT I thought it was half of them filming at Kyle’s?? Plot twist
  12. Can Rinna... disappear.
  13. In the words of Gina Liano ''I don't know... twit comes to mind? She's like a little boopy doll with her head wobbling around.''

    Obviously Rinna wishes she was Janet.
  14. Not Teddi trying to have a personality by dying her hair pink. It didn't work for Erika, it ain't gonna work for you, sweetie.
  15. Not Kim’s sis shaming Garcelle for unpaid coinage
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  16. OMG the Salt Lake City ad!! askdjfsdf;fjsd;fj
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  18. This finale is iconic teeb bee aich.

    Whether the entire journey to get here was warranted is certainly up for discussion.

    But this finale...whew they did that!
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  19. I was loving the finale, so many interesting twists, but it kind of ended a bit flat. I would have liked another Denise and Garcelle scene.

    Thank god we didn't have to suffer through any Erika Chicago scenes.
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  20. Wasn’t Denise supposed to visit Camille? From last week’s preview?
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