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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Real Housewives of Miami legend-adjacent Marysol Patton appearing alongside fellow cat-woman/magician Adrienne Maloof fed me for the next few years.

    You know what would make me stan Denise? If she had shown up to Dorit's party with JOANNA KRUPA.
  2. The only ones that came out of this season looking good were Dorit, Garcelle, and Sutton.

    Everyone else is pretty shit. Including Denise Richards.

    I still have no fucking clue why Teddi got a paycheck?? Whatever happens with the reunion, seasons 8, 9, and 10 of RHOBH are down there with some of the all-time worst Housewives seasons ever. Down there with RHONJ season 6 and RHOA 11 and 12.
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  3. I love both ladies but look at Miss Sutton doing her thing! Don't let the mouse go sis
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  4. Ive a feeling Teddi will be kept on as kyles sidekick unfortunately. Who else would Kyle have?
  5. Terrible but not totally unsalvageable season. Truly hope Garcelle and Sutton come back, they can't carry the show, but they are needed presences imo (though Garcelle needs to show up some more!)
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  6. I refuse to believe they will all be back next year. A shake is up is vital at this point.
  7. I don't understand how the producers can justify letting Teddi be a Housewife. She has literally done nothing to contribute to the show all season. She would have been sacked after a season on the other shows. I don't care who her father is and if that is what is keeping her on the show but she needs to be gone next season.
  8. Yeah, forgettable teddi needs to be gone. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200$.

    Kim....maybe Brandi(?) friend ofs, upgrade Sutton. Idk what they’ll do with Denise but I guess we’ll see what we get out of the reunion? Bring Carlton back to spite Kyle I’m over it! At this point I’m inclined to believe Kyle IS production. Ffs. Call Camille up too. Offer her some coins.
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  9. Lisa Rinna riding Denise hard because she lied about the “family emergency” reminded me of Bethenny trying to get Carole on saying something happened on a Saturday rather than a Sunday during their Berkshires fight. Just splitting hairs and holding onto small mercies.
  10. Is Teddis dad that big a deal? I’d never heard of him before the show and his Wikipedia doesn’t give too much detail about why he would be so revered?
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  11. He has that one song that Jessica Simpson made better
  12. He’s nobody *gay grin*
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  14. But I can't wait for Garcelle's ID channel original movie, Split Marriage: A totally fictional story about how a married woman, Dinàse, cheated on her husband with sloppy Brinda.
  15. I shot back to Garcelle at the meeting hearing the plot of her movie being totally changed by a hack...

    I understood immediately how she felt. I felt her indignation.
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  16. I did scream when Lisa Rinna was serving us acting by telling Denise how much she's missed her.

    Also, the Dorit, Garcelle, and Lisa scene that definitely took place on Christmas because they wanted a Christmas cocktail and it was definitely Christmas and totally not some other time of the year!
  17. Them trying to sell the Lisa Rinna: Wronged Friend storyline that nobody has bought into at any stage in the season.
  18. After this year I’m leaning that way too. Idk what people on reddit/twitter see for her that I don’t but at this point I don’t believe being on reality TV is good for her at all
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  19. @facesincondensation I can honestly say I've never heard any of his songs. I only know who he is because we have the same disability.

    I agree that Brandi and reality TV are not a good mix.
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