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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. We need a friend of Garcelle's to enter the fray, give her more chance of a) staying and b) not getting the Rinna/Kyle gang up.
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  2. My biggest fear is the announcement that Denise is out and Garcelle follows her a few days later using her new position on The Real as an excuse. Just in case that happens Dorit and Sutton better be checking to see if Versace or Dolce & Gabanna make designer armor because they are going to need it.
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  3. Christine from Selling Sunset has said she would love to be on BH I think she would be a great addition or to replace Erika
  4. She also would be the “younger one” a role that usually causes so much drama unless you're John Cougar Mellencamp’s daughter. And she’s a TERRIFIC reality show villain!
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  5. Throw Vyle, Teddi and Erika out of the show and keep Garcelle, Sutton, Dorit and Denise (if she’ll come back). Bring Rinna back to have her swan song season as a villain.
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  6. Erika continues to have awful takes. As if Denise was trying to single her out at that coffee when they were both laughing together etc. Or that Denise having the kids there was set up to make the group look bad because Denise controls everything that comes out of their mouths. She's reaching.
  7. They think it was a set up? Hahaha. I love how Denise isn’t even bothering trying to yell over Erika’s nonsense. Come through Dorit!
  8. Deflect from the actual set up of the season by claiming everything is a set up...
    We see you Mean Girls
  9. Ooh I can't wait to see the reaction on Twitter afterwards.
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  10. I'm sure Kyle will do another end of season think-piece twitter thread after the reunion like she did last year on Camille. The meltdown from these woman on social media will be delicious after what they're doing to Denise.
  11. these girls are truly burying themselves, the sheer delight in Rinna and Kyles eyes during that preview is nauseating?

    Twitter stans are going to rip them a new one ddd. Hate using the word ‘bullying’ but it truly feels like that.
  12. I cannot understand how, after so many years people think a gang up versus one person will ever look good on camera, even if they had good points (which they don't have), it looks bad (see RHONY reunion on season 10).

    The only one that I think was ''reasonable'' (and even there...) was in the second season of New Jersey, because Danielle was (still is from what I see) insanely delusional and did a lot of shady shit.

    Maybe the fith season of BH too and even there, unlike this season and how people perceive this feud against Denise, the reception of both Brandi and Kim, I think was extremely negative.
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  13. And Rinna's like "you talk about your husband's penis every episode" and then I'm sure during their confessionals, Erika and herself talked about how Denise is trying to "tidy up her image" from last year and that's why she came at them for the sex talk... but it's like which is it?
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  14. Not to defend the Cuatro Diablas Blancas, but I think there frustration is in (what they perceive to be) contradictory and hypocritical behavior.
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  15. That's the narrative they're quite obviously trying to push, but clearly no one is buying it!

  16. Rinna, Erika and Teddi are infuriating. How can they be all like "do you know how the fans have come at us?!" like it Denise's fault, we are just reacting to their bad behaviour. Sounds very 'I acted poorly towards you and now people hate me, this is all your fault' which is a strange logic.

    I need to get off twitter and stop watching these previews, they always spoil the episode for me.
  17. Wish Erika would bring that attitude to the whole season
  19. What attitude? Even in that clip she’s laughable. She’s such a joke.
  20. Lisa Rinna is so infuriating.
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